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Unethical Monotheism

Updated: November 5, 2015 10:00 am

ALL Hindus are halfwits.Satiricus is a Hindu. Therefore Satiricus is ahalfwit. So says the secular syllogism. It therefore goes without saying that although Satiricus knows he is a Hindu, he does not know if being Hindu is right or wrong. Putting it another way, he does not know if he belongs to the “Hindu Right”, as a non-Hindu columnist wrote recently. But as this columnist was writing about “Hindu Fundamentalism”, it seems Hindu Right is the same as Hindu fundamentalism, and so Hindu Right is actually Hindu Wrong. Is this getting a little too complicated for Satiricus’s comprehension? This non-Hindu alone knows. Apparently this non-Hindu also seems to know more about Hinduism than Hindu Satiricus. For he oh-so-learnedly writes that the “ideology” of “Hindu fundamentalism” is “premised on the inherent superiority of one religion over others”.

Ah, how hopelessly Hindu is this puerilepremise! Even Satiricus, a wretched religious retard, knows that Hinduism is quite inferior to a couple of non-Hindu religions that are stalking the world. Both of them say, my god—and my god alone—is the right god, the true god, while Hinduism is a pernicious pack of “false gods”.But here Satiricus, ever the curious cuss, wonders—If the Christian god is the only god, does that make the Islamic god a false god? Conversely, if the Muslim godis the only right god, does that make the Christian god a wrong god?

When Jesus the Son of God told his disciples—Go, baptize the whole world, does that not mean—Go, baptize even the Muslim world that worships an inferior god? On the other hand, when ISIS says it wants to include India into a global Khilafat, will this particular columnist write another learned article on how ISIS is rightly and righteously “premised on the inherent superiority of one (ISIS’s) religion over others”? Satiricus does not know. For he is mired in the blissful ignorance which claims—sarva deva namaskārah Keshavamprati gachhati: Veneration for all gods reaches the same Almighty. See? This is what Hindu Right makes Hindu Wrong.

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