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Undisciplined Minister

Updated: September 3, 2011 5:07 pm


After the arrest of Anna Hazare, it was almost obvious that the Opposition would take on the government in the Parliament but Congress was in different mood. It has almost decided that it would not let the opposition speak in the house too. The leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitly was about to deliver his speech when at first UPA members interrupted and demanded that he can speak only after the question hour. In this hullabaloo house was adjourned. When it resumed once again Congress members started to disturb the house. Normally, the ministers never get involved in creating disturbance, but Minister of State in PMO V Narayanasamy forgot the decorum and started to make noises. Despite the deputy chairman Rahman requesting him many times that he is a minister and he has to maintain his dignity, Narayanasamy continued to disrupt the house.

Beware of Intruders

As the movement of Anna Hazare against corruption is growing many elements with vested interested are also trying to intrude the movement for personal gains. A woman journalist is often seen with Anna driving his vehicle. It is reported that she was working in a news channel in Mumbai. Before joining Anna, she was kicked out from the channel for some financial corruption along with her boss. She was allegedly involved in many financial corruption cases. The scribes of the capital are wondering how Anna has allowed her in his team.

Underestimated Politician

The internal clash of Congress was once again seen on the surface during Anna movement. It is not a hidden fact that the relation between Gandhi duo and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is getting sore day by day. This time again, it is said that Manmohan Singh was not interested in lampooning the Anna movement. According to sources, he believes that these corruption charges will keep Gandhi duo busy and his Prime Ministership will remain safe. A senior Congress leader commented that Manmohan Singh was overestimated as an economist and underestimated as politician by the party and it is paying for that.


Congress if facing a tough situation and all its trouble shooters are creating troubles only. A day before the arrest of Anna Hazare party spokesperson Manish Tiwari had attacked Anna calling him corrupt. But this attack boomeranged and he has been keeping quiet since then. It is said he was also fired by the senior party leaders and danger is looming over his post of spokesperson too. That is why he is quite absent from the scene. He is not even attending the parliament. Previously, Tiwari was in trouble twice for his being loud mouth.

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