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Understanding: Super-Consciousness

Updated: March 31, 2012 1:29 pm

Knowing fundamentally about the Super-Consciousness is the objective of any structured practice of yoga. Yoga itself comes from the Sanskrit root—yuj, meaning—to unite. Which should unite with what and why, is the key concept and knowledge, needing clarification with any yoga/spiritual practitioner as well as guru.

Scriptures describe the creation of life from Panch-Tatva (five material elements). It is also described that these Panch-Tatva (five elements—earth, water, space, air and fire) do not have a life, as such. When Atma-Tatva i.e. the life force (Super-Consciousness), strikes/ unites this bundle of five elements, then only this ‘Material Complex’ becomes lively. This Atma-Tatva is further a component of Parmatma-Tatva i.e. Cosmic Consciousness which is fundamental to the creation and activity of entire universe and is beyond matter. Scientists recognise the presence of some element of “Consciousness” but are clueless about the nature and composition of this element. However, its presence gives life and absence results into death, is a basic scientific observation. Generally perception about life is interpreted in a very narrow sense of “Living Being”, which is erroneous. Life also includes the movements and activity of all planets, galaxies and universe as a whole. In this whole universe, living and non-living/active and inactive/ kinetic and potential stuffs are alternated periodically (Creation and Pralaya i.e. destruction). The source of all this regulation and change is the “Cosmic-Energy” i.e. Parmatma-Tatva. Atma-Tatva is a drop/ basic unit of this Parmatma-Tatva and hence has all the properties of creation/modification/transformation/regeneration, as the main source. Hence deserves special attention for clear understanding and constructive utilisation of this precious resource.

Being beyond matter, we cannot empirically understand the soul or Atma-Tatva. We have to depend on the subjective realisation and its description by the realised souls. When there is no other possible approach then this is the only approach left to us for understanding this subtle phenomenon, which is very much operational, all the time, but is beyond description, being not a “matter”.

In our routine life also, there is a scientific place for learning, through the experiences of others. Same is the case and required approach, here. One needs to believe those who have realised this all-pervading force of Cosmic-Consciousness, flowing from eternity. It is the basis of life and universe alike. We may define and describe it within the framework of our knowledge pool but one thing is certain that one has to go beyond the known frontiers of human knowledge to realise this basic “life-source” of universe.

Here is the challenge to mankind. We have to conceive the idea that there may be a life beyond the life which we should be able to appreciate. A form of life, higher than the ‘human configuration’. A resource, very rich with huge potential and beyond any known resource, but worthy to recognise and accomplish. It is searching the skies beyond the skies. This subtle flow of life, through ages, across the galaxies, is the true journey of yoga. Man has been attempting to undertake this unique journey, since the time aboriginal. Try to take few steps in this direction. A very different adventure is on the cards.

By Dr Dipak Shukla

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