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Unbeaten Leader Modi

Updated: May 19, 2019 3:39 pm

Top Ten Reasons

Narendra Modi is talk of the town everywhere. NaMo is the focal point of all discussions. Bureaucrats, corporates, professionals, artisans, sportspersons, film-makers or take people from any walk of life, they are talking only Modi these days. He has occupied peoples mind and heart irrespective of likings and disliking. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a new benchmark in the political arena of India. Modi has become an icon as a Leader of the present India. It will be too high if I compare him with Gandhi but followings of Narendra Modi is so huge that greatest of the leaders are left far behind him.  He appears to be a masterpiece politician of all times. Many people call him ‘Chanakya’ of modern India. But the difference between Chanakya and Modi is that Chanakya never ruled any state; whereas Modi is in the driving seat today.

There are hundreds of attributes which make Modi different from other political leaders. Nevertheless, some features of Modi’s personality are worth mentioning here which make him a unique leader in terms of Indian politics. The following ten features make Modi an unbeaten leader in India.

  1. Tremendous Planning

Today’s Indian politicians look in a great haste. Leaders who have just floated a new political party today are dreaming of becoming prime minister of India tomorrow. Same is not the case with Modi nor did he plan to reach the position of prime minister. But yes of course he had a vision and long term plan to play a critical role in Indian politics. People might have forgotten ‘Hajuria – Khajuria’ row of Gujarat in September 1995. Modi never aspired to become Chief Minister of Gujarat. But he was deeply upset with the developments of ‘Khajuaraho Political Drama’ in the state of Gujarat. Modi was so foresighted that he took a decision to remain in Delhi as ‘Rashtriay Sangathan Mantri’ of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP); and kept strengthening his position in the Party. Modi was never obsessed with any political position but he was sure to lead the nation with wonderful thoughts and ideas. Position was not important but the service to the nation indeed. He kept on making plans to take the party to new heights always remaining behind the curtain. He made it sure that party should always get a foolproof plan. If party was not successful in General Elections 2004 and 2009 it was just because of poor executions.

  • Improvisation

Narendra Modi is the master of improvisation in his thoughts and plans. He is a fast learner from the ongoing developments in surroundings. He is the man who makes changes very fast and tries to see it implemented well in time. Priyanka Gandhi Wadra sailed through Ganges from Allahabad (Prayagraj) to Varanasi in the in the month of March 2019 to shade the popularity of Modi in UP especially in Varanasi. There was lot of hype about Priyanka’s presence in UP. Congress people in UP were overwhelmed with her joining as General Secretary of AICC. The road show of Narendra Modi from BHU Gate to Dasashwamegh Ghat in Varanasi on April 25 washed out all efforts of Priyanka Gandhi Wadra till date. Nobody knew that all NDA top leaders will join NaMo in the Varanasi road show. The huge crowd flooded over the seven kilometer road sent a strong message across the UP Purvanchal and even beyond that there is no match of Modi’s improvisation.  

  • Defeats Opponents on their Own Ground

Modi is just Chaiwala (Tea seller/maker); so he cannot run the nation. This is what the opposition was trying to convey to the voters during General Elections of 2014. Modi’s poor background was made a matter of laugh by opposition very strongly. In turn Modi said, “A son of a poor man is standing in front of you today. This is the strength of a democracy”. Modi came to the power with a thumping majoring as an alliance i.e. National Democratic Alliance (NDA); and also as an individual political party – BJP. The same kind of history is likely to repeat in the General Elections of 2019. The opposition has used the slogan ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ against Modi. In turn he started the campaign having tagline ‘Mai Bhi Chowkidar’. During 2014 General Elections he created a great link with Chaywalas across the country; and the same way, he connected with the Chowkidars (security personnel) tremendously. Such witty moves of Modi leave oppositions bewildered.

  • Action without Prediction

Daring like Modi is an unprecedented phenomenon in the history of Indian politics. He dares to play with Article 370. He altered the provisions of Talaq of Shariya. He did not intervene intentionally in the ‘Sabrimala’ issue. There are hundreds of unprecedented moves of Modi which were even not thought of by the past Prime Ministers of India. Often, his opponents compare him with Adolf Hitler of Germany and Mussolini of Italy. Both were dictators but Modi is not. The strong willpower of Modi is an intolerable substance for the people standing on the other side. The interesting part of Modi’s style of functioning is that people come learn about his actions long after it is executed; hence, there is no scope of change or alteration. Many a times he may appear autocratic in his approach but a poorly managed country for almost seven decades needs some bitter pills and strong corrective measures to lift to the global standards.

  • Precise Execution

The ministers who have worked with Modi in Gujarat find him a hard task master. Modi always keeps an Executive Summary of affairs of the Government. He keeps a very close watch of all projects and portfolios. PMO seeks every minutest detail from the secretaries and concern ministers. He tries to quote and reflect Government data in a very casual manner in his public speeches; but experts say it’s all his calculated approach towards public as well as his own ministers. No one in his team can dare to take things for-granted or casually. Modi keeps telling figures of beneficiaries of Ujjala project, Make in India impact, Digital India progress, effect of Demonetization, and other Government schemes. Technically, this approach is called result oriented approach. He guarantees the outcome first and then steps into any scheme/project. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is such a gigantic project which a leader like Narendra Modi can only dream and execute. Toilets for poor and homeless are an ambitious project undertaken by his Government. Opposition gets irritated when Modi says every poor homeless family will have their own house by 2022; but believe it if he comes to the power he will deliver it for sure just because his precise calculations. 

  • Hard Stand on Terrorism

On September 29, 2016, the Indian armed forces destroyed more than 3 launch pads of terrorists across the Line Of Control in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The casualty on the other side was expected from 35 to 70. The Government of India was daring enough to take decision of cross border attack in Myanmar and killing 40 to 50 extremists. In a revengeful action of Pulwama (Kashmir) terrorist attack on CRPF convoy, the Indian Air Force struck in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and killed almost 300 terrorists. Congress is quite unhappy that Modi is taking credit for the bravery of Indian forces. In a statement Congress claimed that there were as many as 15 surgical strikes in their regime but they never made it public or claimed any credit for it. But one thing is for sure, there are no terror attacks in India expect Jammu and Kashmir region in present times; whereas terrorist attacks were observed in every part of the country during Congress and its ally’s regime in the past. Modi has been quite successful in giving a very strong message to the cross border terrorists that they will be given a befitting response in the language they understand well. Yasin Malik is sent behind the bars in terror funding case by the NIA recently.

  • Friends across Parties

In a recent non-political interview with the iconic Bollywood actor Akshay Kuamr, Narendra Modi revealed some strange facts about his non-political life. Modi remembered the time when he was not an elected member of any legislative assembly or the Parliament and got an opportunity to visit the canteen of the Parliament. Some media person noticed him spending time with senior Congress leader Gulam Nabi Azad. The media person asked him how come a RSS worker is having friend like Gulam Nabi Azad. Modi smiled and told that personal relations have nothing to do with the political life. Modi narrated that, despite cut throat political rivalry, Mamta Didi sends him Kurta every year even today. It was a surprising fact that even Bangladesh Prime Minister maintains relationship by sending sweets to him. Of course the interview was short and he could not be able to give complete list of his friends across political parties but one thing was evident from the interview that Modi means relations. He recalls his old friends of the times when his was ‘Nobody’. Modi is a leader who gives a very strong message to persons coming in his contact.

  • Strong Branding

India has become a precious brand today; and undoubtedly, Modi is the Brand Ambassador of Indian identity world over. Modi has magical touch in placing and positioning India at an appropriate place on global map. I can say this with my personal experience that India and Modi has become synonym. People are eager to know about happenings in India. He is a Marketing Guru and has internalized the Marketing jargon STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning). As a matter of fact, India is the fastest growing nation in terms of 7.6 percent of GDP growth rate. India is the fifth largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). Modi makes new friends in his every foreign visit. He believes in nurturing foreign relationships. He makes sure to meet people of Indian origin in his every visit to foreign countries. Now, the scenario is such that people residing outside India are always on a look for Modi’s visit to their country. Modi tries to connect with foreign heads of countries by accepting their cultures and traditions.

  • Discipline

Modi as a person is highly disciplined. People give example Modi for observing discipline in life. He observes and follows the rules of life and faith he has decided to follow. He follows strict discipline in terms of food, daily yoga, meditation, clarity of thoughts, following time schedule, arranging affairs and meetings as per the priority, and most important thing putting the nation first. His basic principle is ‘IDAM RASHTRAY NAMAH, IDAM NAMAM’ i.e. everything is dedicated to the nation. His dedication to the slogan of ‘India First’ puts him far ahead of other leaders in the country. His clarity in thoughts for serving the nation is unmatchable. Government servants in the secretariat has started coming to the office even before time just because of Modi. Modi means business. He follows the time schedule very strictly. Every minute is counted, followed and executed as per the pre decided schedule. 

  1. Detachment

Modi keeps nothing in his personal name. He left home in search of truth when he was very young. He claims that whatever he is today that’s the outcome of his life span during the age of 18 to 22. This is the time period when he self actualized his personality and decided to dedicate his life to the nation. He had not any bank account in his name. An account was opened in his name by the Dena Bank during school time but he never transacted in it. The first actual account was opened when he took over as the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001. He decided to give all his salary, earned as Chief Minister, to the staff served him in Gujarat but due their strong resistance he could give them 21 lakh only. The power of detachment is seen very prominently in the personality of Narendra Modi.

By Alok Chakrawal

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