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Umesh Pal Murder: Umesh had confronted Asad even after being shot; New CCTV video surfaced

Updated: March 16, 2023 1:25 pm

Another new CCTV has surfaced in the Umesh Pal murder case, in which Umesh Pal is seen confronting the shooter Asad even after being shot. This CCTV footage is of 44 seconds, in which Asad is seen firing from a pistol. Asad caught Umesh in the street and tried to shoot him on the head.

There is a scuffle between the two. Umesh tries to escape from Asad’s clutches and enter the first house on the street, but by then he is riddled with bullets. It is seen in the CCTV video that after hearing the sound of gunfire, a girl also reaches there and goes to Umesh but she gets scared after seeing the firing.

The girl reaches Umesh’s house after running away and informs the family. In the footage, Asad is seen tucking a pistol in his waist and at the same time gunner Raghavendra, who was injured by the bullet, is seen running in the street. Guddu Muslim also throws a bomb at him from behind. On February 24, Umesh Pal and two government gunners were shot and killed in broad daylight.

The miscreants had used 3 vehicles to carry out the incident. It had two bikes and a white coloured Creta car. The miscreants had a stockpile of weapons. It had four pistols and a rifle. From these, firing was done on Umesh Pal and his gunners. On the other hand, the miscreant Guddu Muslim was taking out a bomb from his bag.

An eyewitness to the incident had said that Umesh Pal got shot in the attack, after which he ran towards his house, on which the miscreants entered the narrow lane and opened fire, Umesh Pal’s gunner Sandeep Nishad was also injured in the lane. Targeting him the miscreants hurled a bomb in the street. Sandeep fell outside the house in an injured state. This whole incident was done within just 44 seconds.

The investigation so far and the digital evidence found from the spot have revealed that the miscreants had fired about 14 rounds. This firing was done with .765 bore and .32 bore weapons. In this massacre, Umesh Pal and one of his government gunners died on the spot, while the other government gunner died during treatment.

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