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Uday India columnist Viral Desai conferred with prestigious Energy Conservation Award by President Draupadi Murmu

Updated: December 17, 2022 12:56 pm

It is a matter of great prides for the Uday India family that industrialist Viral Desai has been honoured with the ‘National Energy Conservation’ award by President Draupadi Murmu for energy conservation. Viral Desai, who writes a column called ‘Eco Watch’, in Uday India has won first place in the textile sector across the country. This is the third time Viral Desai has been conferred with the National Honour by the President of India and the sixth National Award. It is worth mentioning that the highly prestigious National Energy Conservation Award is given every year by the Ministry of Power, Government of India.

The award was presented to the winners from various fields across the country on December 14th, National Energy Conservation Day, at Vigyan Bhavan in Delhi by President Draupadi Murmu and Union Minister of Power R K Singh. While talking to the press after being awarded the award, industrialist Viral Desai said that Gujarat was first to take initiative in the country in the direction of energy saving and renewable energy. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, hundreds of industrialists like him have switched their companies or plants to windmills and solar energy.

It is worth mentioning that Viral Desai, who has his own textile processing house, named Zenitex in Surat, Gujarat, has been running his factory entirely on wind energy for the past twelve years, whose inspiration he also credits to the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi and the vibrant summits held under his leadership. In this regard, he further says, “Through Vibrant Gujarat and many other summits, Narendra Modiji gave a global vision to Gujarat’s industries and industrialists. Under many innovative subsidies, state schemes or new rules, he gave a global corporate touch to the traditionally run business.”

If we look at the other contributions of entrepreneur Viral Desai, he is also doing highly commendable work for energy conservation as well as environment conservation. In honour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s launch of Clean India Campaign in 2014, Viral Desai launched a campaign called ‘Clean India Green India’ in Surat, under which he planted more than one and a half lakh trees in South Gujarat. He also initiated climate action and ecosystem restoration at Udhna Station near Surat. Designed as a model station on the theme of eco-system restoration, the station has been acknowledged by the India Book of Records as the first green railway station in India, Asia and the world. An urban forest has also been prepared by Viral Desai in the premises of Udhna railway station itself. Made by the famous Japan’s Miyawaki technique of plantation, the urban forest, named ‘Shahid Smritivan’, is dedicated to the martyrs of the Indian Army. More than 1900 large native species of trees have been planted in this forest in an area of nineteen thousand square feet.

With exactly the same theme, Viral Desai has also done environmental works at Udwada railway station and he has planted more than two and a half thousand saplings and trees at this railway station. For the past two years, Viral Desai has been running a movement called ‘Satyagraha Against Pollution and Climate Change’. Based on the values of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel, this movement involves mass awareness campaigns reaching out to students and youth. After these awareness campaigns, Viral Desai makes them ‘Paryavaran Senani’s’ (environmental warriors). A project to prepare ten large urban forests has also been undertaken under this campaign, where the Surat cluster of Gujarat Pollution Control Board has also officially joined this movement.

On the one hand, when we are organizing the G20 summit next year, it is a matter of pride for all of us that young people and entrepreneurs like Viral Desai are commended in the direction of environmental protection. Finally, we will be able to proudly present to the world that India’s contribution to the world’s environment is also unique and significant. Viral Desai said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to the world at the Glasgow Summit in 2021 that India’s carbon emissions will be zero by 2070. Viral Desai added that he will also work tirelessly to support the dream of the Prime Minister and his contribution towards making India a world champion in the field of environmental protection. He has also vowed to take up a nationwide movement and sensitize people towards reducing carbon emissions in the run-up to the G20 summit next year.

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