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Turbulence Of Jealousy

Updated: April 14, 2012 10:29 am

Have you ever come across a boy born in a non-descript village in abject poverty, waiting for days to have a meal just to fill his empty stomach? You must have come across thousands but have you ever heard that the same village boy losing his father at the age of 4, struggling to find his own space in society and then working relentlessly to create space for the children of lesser gods?

You must have heard rags to riches stories about people but have you found a man who had nothing in hand but dared to set up an institute with just a paltry amount of Rs. 5000 and to borrow almost Rs 500 crore in the process of making the institute one of the finest multi-disciplinary universities of the world. Is it not hard to believe that this University because of its excellence and world-class infrastructure could be chosen to host the 99th Indian Science Congress in January 2012, which it could accomplish with aplomb?

Have you ever met a person who opted for opening an institution for the poorest of the poor tribal children without any financial backing? Anybody after establishing a successful university would definitely not opt for feeding fifteen thousand indigenous (tribal) children free, to pursue education from KG to PG absolutely free.

Unbelievable but true that such a person still exists amongst us. He has never said no to anybody who came to him for any help. He has been trying to empower the poor tribals through education and providing a sustainable livelihood. The person who has been living in a two-room rented premise with only some plastic chairs as his belongings can be no other than Dr Achyuta Samanta who of late, has become an eyesore to some unscrupulous jealous individuals.

It is the shameful display of turbulence of jealousy that people envious of Dr Samanta does not even think that by their action they are causing irreparable damage to the state. Going to the extent of influencing the PMO to cancel Prime Minister’s visit to KIIT to inaugurate the 99th Indian Science Congress and going to the extent of filing a PIL to scuttle the growth of KIIT and preventing the 15,000 hapless tribal children from dreaming of their future, show how deep they are inside the mud of jealousy.

It is indeed very pathetic that only one microscopic group of people comprising the promoters of six to seven professional colleges, four to five journalists who believe in yellow journalism and character assassination, one or two dirty politicians who believe in sacrificing ethics for some immediate games, forming an unholy nexus have been trying to malign KIIT and KISS, which have come up so well despite their negative propaganda.

The unbelievable speed through which this nexus is working can put any locomotive far behind. The rise of KIIT and KISS could not be accepted by this nexus and ever since the 99th Indian Science Congress was declared to be held in KIIT, this group tried its best to stall it. At that point in time, they were moving at moderate speed which got accelerated from the month of September 2011. Like a high-speed locomotive this unholy nexus driven by the turbulence of jealousy stepped up its vilification campaign to stall the visit of the Hon’ble Prime Minister to KIIT to inaugurate the 99th Indian Science Congress on January 3, 2012. Being unsuccessful, this group swept by the tempest of jealousy has been approaching every one, with the sole objective of defaming Dr Achyuta Samanta thus destroying KIIT and KISS.

It is, however, strange that despite all their attempts, these handful of people have not been able to convince anyone of what has been the fault of Dr Achyuta Samanta and what wrong he did in establishing the world-class institutions in a state like Odisha. These institutions are now the pride of the state and the world. Is it the fault of Dr Samanta that he has been appreciated and honoured by the people all over the world? If at all there is any fault with the founder of KIIT and KISS, character assassination and causing damage to the institution, jeopardising the future of children are not the way to deal with.

It is an accepted fact that successful people face jealousy. Pythagoras was misunderstood and Socrates and Jesus and Luther and Copernicus and Galileo and Newton and every pure and wise spirit that ever took pains to be great are to be misunderstood. But each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others or strikes out against social injustice, he sends forth a tiny glimmer of hope despite the combined forces of jealousy and those glimmers build a current that can sweep away the mightiest wall of suspicion, arrogance created by tribulation of jealous minds. The heat makes gold shine and KIIT, KISS and Dr Samanta will shine with all the heat created by the foes around.

 By Kumkum Sharma

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