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Tuck Your Tummy

Updated: July 23, 2011 5:42 pm

Every second person we meet today has a fat belly. Irrespective of the gender, male or female all have fat bellies. There was a news item in a popular newspaper recently stating that those police personnel who have big tummies were given strict instructions to reduce their bellies to keep them fit by higher authorities. We are so used to seeing them everywhere. Even movies and television are not spared. Except for the leading pair all the other characters are fat people. This is because of our lifestyle and lack of proper exercise. There is very little time we spend at home to do household chores to burn our calories.

Another cause of fat belly is stress. Studies have shown that the more stress a person undergoes the more fat is stored around his stomach. Consumption of alcohol, hormonal imbalance due to menopause in women leads to gain of fat around abdomen. Family history sometimes leads to fat belly. Whatever may be the cause of the fat in the body it is not a healthy sign. It leads to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc.

To Reduce Fat In Stomach

■       Breathing exercise while bringing the stomach in and out while inhaling and exhaling the air.

■       Add lemon juice and honey to warm water and take on empty stomach and also one hour before meals in morning and evening.

■     Triphala powder, dry ginger powder, pippal powder (roasted), black pepper powder (roasted), rock salt equal amount mix well and store in a bottle. Take quarter spoon powder with honey and gradually increase to one spoon.

■       Harad (Haritaki) 100 g, bark of Mango tree 100 g, Pomegranate peel 100 g, and gum of neem tree 100 g, til oil 500 g crush all the above to small pieces, add to til oil and bring it to boil. After cooling filter the oil in a cloth. Apply this oil wherever fat has accumulated. This will definitely give good results.

■       Take aloe vera paste and heat till the water gets evaporated, add turmeric powder and harad (haritaki) powder and apply this paste on fat accumulated areas. Wash off after an hour.

■       Take two spoons of ginger juice, two spoons of honey, and four spoons of caster oil. Add all these ingredients and boil them. Take it on empty stomach early morning. Twice a week.

■      Add ¼ spoon roasted jeera powder, ¼ spoon turmeric powder, ¼ spoon pepper (roasted) powder to two spoons of aloe vera juice and take ½ an hour before meals.

By following any one of the above methods I am sure you will reduce your tummy and will look charming as ever.

 By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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