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Truth about Modi-Mamata’s setting in West Bengal

Updated: September 20, 2022 12:26 pm

The “Mamata-Modi setup” conspiracy theory is quite abuzz on West Bengal’s streets, and it is undoubtedly bad news for the BJP’s prospects in the border state. While the CBI is currently investigating the corruption cases against TMC leaders and the most serious incidents of West Bengal’s post-election violence, where Hindus, primarily those who identify as BJP workers or supporters, were attacked and persecuted by the ruling party, a conspiracy theory about a “setting” (secret understanding) or what some are referring to as CATI (Coincidental Alignment of Temporary Interests) between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and West Bengal CM.

Swapan Dasgupta, a Rajya Sabha member, and other intelligent BJP ideologues have dismissed such speculation as foolish rumour. However, a lot of people in Bengal claim to have noticed a trend where the political opponent duo occasionally acts in an odd way. When the bloodshed in West Bengal reached its height, the BJP showed little sign of response. In India, cases drag on for years without a clear resolution, despite the fact that one is currently pending before the Calcutta High Court. Numerous cases involving numerous chit fund frauds involving TMC officials are currently pending, however no one has ever received a term for their crimes.The people of West Bengal have not forgotten the utter failure of the central agencies in nabbing ex-top cop Rajeev Kumar. While the ministers of the BJP did not step out of their AC living rooms fearing damages to their cars. Regardless of the high-voltage speeches delivered by BJP top leaders and the Prime Minister at the election rallies, there is a perception that BJP has allowed Mamata Banerjee to secure the CM chair even after her iconic defeat to Suvendu Adhikari in Nandigram in the March-April 2021 WB assembly elections. It is believed that the EC went over and beyond, at the center’s urging, to prioritise and hold the by-poll on September 30, so securing Banerjee’s continuation as CM.

Whatever the constitutional obligations a PM has, it doesn’t go down well with supporters when the PM wishes Mamata Banerjee on her birthday on January 5, the very same day that yet another BJP worker, Shuvro Jyoti Ghosh, is found hanging, suspected to have been murdered by TMC goons.

The Mamata-Modi “setting” conspiracy is also popular among the state’s communists and those who support them. There is no doubting that the lack of action taken by the BJP leadership in response to the post-election violence of the TMC and against corrupt TMC ministers, officials, and bureaucrats has diminished the faith of BJP followers in the party. The saffron party’s flag-bearers now have the responsibility of earning back the public’s lost faith.

The good news from West Bengal is that BJP MLA and Leader of Opposition in the state assembly Suvendu Adhikari is quickly establishing a reputation as a straightforward, vivacious leader who has a pulse on grassroots issues, has the heart to resist Mamata’s fascism, and doesn’t hold back when advocating for Hindu issues, whether it be the post-election violence or the deadly Durga Puja pogrom unleashed on Hindus across the border.

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