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Trust Path To Self-Attainment

Updated: July 16, 2011 11:01 am

“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings while the dawn is still dark”—Rabindranath Tagore.            Everything that is required is provided by the Creator for each soul on the earth plane, the only thing to remember is to learn to trust. Trust that has no room for fear. What is fear? Its only lack of trust and it cannot be pushed out of the human mind just through some blindly followed customs. Trust has no room for doubt, as doubt clearly leads to lack of faith. When there is doubt then why pray? It means praying is only a custom and/or a habit. All negative energies are born out of lack of faith. Question yourself about the fear or the doubts that you have, you will get your answers. Ask yourself, why do I fear? Does it come from an experience through my recent memory or is it deep rooted in my DNA as my past memories? If it does, then clear it from the soul memory, or seek a spiritual person who can help you clear from where it originally came. Fear is an energy that has been trapped in your psyche. It was once a thought that became negative because of an experience that was unpleasant and not understood. Once it is found, it can be released, can go for ever.

            Not by chanting the name of God or singing religious hymns or bhajans and prayers you can work out on your lack of trust that keeps haunting you in the form of fear or doubt. No particular faith, sect, religion or belief can honestly remove the lack of trust you have in your self-power or in the Creator God that you believe in. Just be very honest to yourself before being honest to the whole world. Ask yourself at least once a day, this question – Are you happy being where you are? Only then slowly you will begin to face your own negative side, your own short comings and slowly you will stop blaming others for your failures. Only then you will begin to see good in every situation and in all people around you. Slowly peace will begin to pass through you as this divine understanding prevails. The understanding of deep trust in the flow of life will begin to flow out of your personality.

            How can your Creator, Father/Mother God, work through your problems? When you are trapped in fear, doubt and lack of trust, for these are negative energies and they block the flow of positive energy coming in. You can manifest all that you need for you only if you have trust in yourself firstly and have no fear. It is your belief that you are born to suffer, so you without releasing this negative thought pattern are bound to keep suffering, it is the faith within you that tells you that you are a winner and you magically keep winning in all the situations in your life. Winning here does not mean everything happens the way you want, but your personality becomes such that you no more get affected by losses as you learn to come out of this situation peacefully. This attitude is the success mantra that leads you towards joy. Trust is the key of a winner.

            Faith could be connected with religion, but trust is bigger than this, it is surely not blind hope called as blind faith, it is deep rooted knowingness of being taken care through the process called life. What is trust? We like to have faith in our relationships that they will take care of us when we grow old or fall sick or at the time of challenges, but instead of that why can’t we develop trust in one’s own self-power.

            Following a spiritual path can be a very difficult path. You can have complete faith in your spiritual calling or philosophy but not trust. You may have faith that you can bring about a change in the planet by your positive consciousness, but not trust that the world wants to receive your gift. You may trust that you are on the right path meant for you, but still question your faith in the Higher Beings who support you or doubt the little weird voices of the spirit and other spiritual experiences. Have trust in you & yourself that without any specific cause you won’t be reading this.

By Maa Syama

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