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True Realisation Of Divinity

Updated: June 15, 2013 2:54 pm

One day as always with his disciples Acharya Shankar (Adi Shankracharya) was on his way to take daily bath in the Ganga when he came across a chandala (outcaste) heading towards him in utter insolence, with his four dogs in a row behind him.

Afraid of being defiled by his contact, Shankar yelled, “O Chandala! Keep yourself away, and make the way for us.”

Not so ignorant as to discern the intention of Shankar, Chandala answered, laughing aloud derisively, “Whom are you saying to move? Soul or physical body? Soul is all pervading and immutably pure by nature, therefore, neither can it be moved nor can anybody be defiled by it. If you are calling body to move then, being inert, how could it do so itself? And, moreover, in what manner your body is different from the other ones? You are falsely proud of yourself being steadfast in union with Brahma (Super-Being). Metaphysically is there any distinction between Brahmin and Chandala? Is the image of sun formed in the water of Ganga different from the one formed in the wine? Is it what your Brahmagyan (divine wisdom) all about?”

Hearing these eye-opening sermons from Chandala, Shanker got stunned and was ashamed of himself. It occurred to him that it must be a Devlila (an act of God) to teach him what the true realisation of Divinity is. And, then and there he began to pray. “Who knows all beings one and equal, and behaves accordingly. He only is my Guru. I pay many-many salutations to His feet!” Suddenly, Chandala and dogs disappeared and Shankar saw Divine-being Mahadev appeared before him, showering his blessing on him.

By Rajesh Pathak

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