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True Indian

Updated: March 10, 2012 5:17 pm

At a time when the Gandhi scion is leaving no stone unturned to connect with the common man, senior Congress ministers believe that there cannot be a connect. Rahul Gandhi, to woo voters in the ongoing assembly elections in five states, is trying hard to make people believe that he is one among them and hence precisely understands their pain and anger. However, Oil Minister S Jaipal Reddy is of a different opinion in a sense that one who speaks English and owns a car is ‘not an Indian’. For this category of people Reddy coined a new term ‘RNI’. This resident non Indian class, which has adopted and enjoys access to western lifestyle, would never understand the pain that a common man in the hinterland lives with. The logic behind this statement is that the one who own a car and communicates in English has lost contact with the common Indians and their problems. It is anybody’s guess as to how Gandhi, who visits dalit houses and shares meal with them, would connect with Reddy’s musings.

Rahul ‘Gyan’

Recently the PM-in-waiting Rahul Gandhi called upon very senior television journalists and anchors to understand and discuss the media coverage plan of his rallies. One senior journalist with a leading English channel apparently told the Gandhi that he should interact with the channel more often so that it better understands his thinking and his plan about India. Gandhi countered as to how would regular interaction with that particular channel help him. After a little pause, Rahul explained the journalist that if he wanted to send any message to the people he would rather choose Hindi or vernacular media over the elite channel. The senior journalist was clearly told that any Hindi channel would have at least 10 times more viewership than that particular channel has. And that the regular interaction with the channel would only solve the channels TRP related issues without benefitting the Congress’ general secretary in his people connect. The very vocal journalist, for a change, did not have anything to counter the strong argument. Some believe that the newfound ‘gyan’ has flowed from the prime minister’s office which is geared up to improve the image of the PMO.

Ajit’s Ambassador

The charisma of an Ambassador car still bemuses Ajit Singh. Recently when he took over as the Civil Aviation Minister, he ordered an Ambassador car for himself. Following which the battery of officials kept itself little busy in exploring ways to fulfil minister’s wish. Now that the government under ‘austerity drive’ does not permit buying new vehicles, it was little difficult for the officials to see the smile on Ajit Singh’s face. The cars available in Air India were also not in order and hence could not be roped in minister’s cavalcade. Finally a ‘Babu’ in the Civil Aviation Ministry had to do away with his official vehicle to accommodate his highness’ wish. After all an Ambassador car with a beacon atop has a different aura in the western Uttar Pradesh.


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