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True Colours Of Mamata

Updated: April 30, 2011 3:34 pm

Mamata Banerjee is fighting election in West Bengal in alliance with the Congress. Though people of West Bengal are very dissatisfied with the Left rule and also looking very desperate for a change, it seems that Trinamool is also not going to become a better alternate. Recently businessmen and industrialists of West Bengal met informally to discuss the post-election scenario in Salt Lake. They discussed that Mamata Didi was making a propaganda that she and her party were very clean and fighting the election with the money earned by selling the paintings of Mamta Didi, whereas she had already collected almost double the amount that Left parties had collected in a year from each businessman present there. One businessman commented that if Didi had taken such a huge amount from each businessman and that too before assuming the power, what would happen if she becomes successful in capturing Writers’ Building?

Sheila’s Gimmickry

Delhi government is very desperate to win the municipal election which is scheduled next year. Presently, the BJP is in power in MCD and Sheila Dikshit wants to displace it. Therefore, the government has chalked out the strategy of the delimitation of the municipal wards. It wants to increase the number of wards from 134 to 272. This will decrease the size of the wards and therefore many Congress councillors are very unhappy with Sheila’s plan. One Congress councillor said that Sheila would destroy the Congress in Delhi. This delimitation would encourage the local mafias, which is not good for the party, he commented.

Congress Cynicism

The UPA government has accepted all the demands of Anna Hazare, but the Congress is still busy in playing politics on Anna’s movement. One senior leader of the Congress has demanded that all the NGOs should be brought under the jurisdiction of RTI act and Lokpal. Another senior leader said that the magic of Anna would vanish soon. According to him, Anna has already displeased the Muslims by praising Narendra Modi and now after talking on the issue of constitutional reforms, he will lose the support of dalit community too. He commented that these two communities constituted a large section of the society and therefore Anna would lose the credibility in a short period that he had gained in these days.


Nowadays, all the banks of Tamil Nadu are undergoing a shortage of the currency notes of denominations of 100, 500 and 1000. Therefore, they are giving their customers notes of denominations of only 10, 20 and 50. Notes of big denominations are not available in the ATMs too. The reason of this shortage is attributed to the elections. It is said that such a huge amount of money is distributed by the candidates to their voters to allure them in Tamil Nadu that this shortage has occurred. It seems that though Rs 150 crore were seized from a candidate, several others have not learnt any lesson and are going on with their money distribution plan.

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