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Trimurti Runs Congress

By Renu Mittal
Updated: October 18, 2021 1:28 am

now congress’ footprint has shrunk. And shrunk so substantially that it now has just three state governments in its kitty, three power centres and has for all intents and purposes become a family-owned enterprise and a private limited company.

All good things come to an end. It’s an old saying, which denotes the tragedy being enacted in the 136-year-old party. A party that led the freedom struggle movement, ruled the country for more years than one can remember had as its members the cream of the political world.

But now congress’ footprint has shrunk. And shrunk so substantially that it now has just three state governments in its kitty, three power centres and has for all intents and purposes become a family-owned enterprise and a private limited company.

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal spoke his mind. He said that the leadership needed to hear the truth, that they will not do Ji- Hazoori and in return what did he get? Youth Congress goons were sent to Sibal’s house to protest and shout slogans, break his cars and generally created mayhem to send the message that only sycophants and chamchas can and will be allowed to survive in the congress.

And there was complete and utter silence from mother Gandhi, son Gandhi and daughter Gandhi–The Trimurti, which is running the party. So much for the much talked about and much hailed democracy in the Congress.

Rahul Gandh,i the heir to the Congress empire, whose life, actions and thoughts are a bundle of contradictions, has in the most recent episode appointed an MLA and a minister from Rajasthan as the AICC general secretary incharge of Gujarat. And thereby hangs a tale. A tale that illustrates better than anything else the ad hoc manner in which the party is being run.

In a private conversation Rahul Gandhi had called the minister Raghu Sharma the most corrupt minister. He is close to chief minister Ashok Gehlot. On the say so of Gehlot, who is a big finder of the party, Raghu Sharma has been made incharge of Gujarat, where elections are due next year and he has to take on the might of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

Raghu Sharma was in line to be axed but now has been prominently accommodated as Gehlot will fund the Gujarat election. He will be the brain behind Sharma as Sharma neither has the vision nor supposedly the competence to handle Gujarat.

But since most of Sharma’s actions and activities as the health minister, where he is reported to have made big time bucks, were illegal, it would be no surprise if BJP send him photocopies of his own files and ensure that he remains compromised and all that that entails in the context of Gujarat, where BJP will do whatever it takes to win the state. So much for Rahul Gandhi’s vision on corruption.

A great deal of the problems facing the party stem from Rahul Gandhi’s obsession with cleansing the party of old blood. Men and women, whom he believes are majorly corrupt, who have filled their coffers at the cost of the Congress, left it in a state of utter deprivation and bankrupt.

He wanted an Ahmed Patel-mukt Congress. He wanted to create a new Congress full of young boys and girls who will set high standards of public discourse. But what does he end up doing ?

He brought back Ashok Gehlot again as the chief minister of Rajasthan even though he had made big promises to Sachin Pilot to make him the chief minister. Gehlot is a hugely wealthy man and mother Sonia and sister Priyanka (Robert Vadra included ) prevailed upon Rahul to make Gehlot the chief minister.

+“So does money prevail over talent and youth at the end of the day? It’s for Rahul Gandhi to answer this,” said a senior party leader.

Most of Rahul’s navratanas are making money right left and centre but Rahul continues to trust and back them. But tragically (forget t corruption) most of them don’t have the political panache or the political savvy to be able to guide the leader into taking the corrupt political decisions.

Rahul’s right and left: K. C. Venugopal and Randeep Singh Surjewala illustrate this point. Not to mention Manek Tagore, Harish Chaudhary, and others. Senior leaders have been objecting to Rahul’s clerical staff taking, influencing and guiding his political decisions. They have asked that a parliamentary board be set up but so far there is no response from Sonia Gandhi.

They want Congress working committee meetings held regularly to thrash out important decisions and deliberate on matters regarding the party as well as how best to take on the Modi government. But nothing so far. Its business as usual with the family taking the decisions and running the show. But here also there are major problems between the three Gandhis.

Against the wishes and advice of Sonia Gandhi , Priyanka and later Rahul backed and insisted that Navjyot Singh Sidhu be made the Punjab PCC president leading to the resignation of Captain Amrinder Singh and the destabilisation of a government which had every chance of returning to power in the upcoming assembly elections in Punjab. But that advantage has been lost and now problems for the congress there have grown and multiplied.

In Chhattisgarh, Rahul Gandhi wanted to replace Bhupesh Bagel with T. S. Singh Deo as he had promised him the chief ministership but Priyanka Gandhi intervened and refused to allow Baghel to be sacked as she wanted him to fund the UP election. He had already funded the Assam election where an almost family member Bhanwar Jitender Singh messed up the election with party men level ling charges of buying and selling of tickets. Jitender Singh, who is a family member of the Gandhis, was incharge of Odisha, where the party won seven assembly seats.

He was rewarded and promoted and made incharge of election going Assam. After he messed up big time, he was again rewarded and made chairman of the UP screening committee where Priyanka Gandhi is the AICC general secretary incharge of Uttar Pradesh. And leaders from Rajasthan maintain that less said the better about Bhanwar Jitender Singh’s political acumen!


By Renu Mittal

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