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Travel with Technology

Updated: September 22, 2016 10:54 am

Almost every facet of our lives has been impacted by the fast internet and the rise of smartphone industry. Travel industry is no exception. Smartphones have shaken up the travel industry that has rushed the sector to invest increasingly in these mobile services. As a majority of the global population is getting comfortable to using smartphones, travel industry is making its way to their customers through mobile devices. The mobile travel space is on the rise and is redefining travelling altogether. Here’s how the mobile apps are things easier for travellers, which changed every aspect of travel, for example from booking flights to hailing a cab in a strange city, from finding a restaurant to unlocking your hotel room door wirelessly etc.

No Delving Into the Luggage for Documents

Tech-savvy travellers do not remember when was the last time they had to dig deep in their handbags to look for travel itinerary information, paper boarding pass, tickets or paper maps. Mobile apps, these days, are efficient enough to organize all the documents in one place so that travellers do not face problems on the go. Passengers can now cut down the clutter and travel without paper documents saving more space in the luggage.

No More Headache of Hotel Room Keys

Dumping yourself on the hotel bed is the only thing comes to your after a long day of travelling. Thus, you make sure that you don’t lose the hotel room keys and delay your sleep. Consequently, the tech companies have brought an app to the market that lets customers to access their hotel rooms using their mobile devices. There are also apps that help tracking your electronics and even luggage while they are in transit.

Exploring Places in a New City

Gone are the days when tourists had to rely on local guides to navigate through the new city. Online apps now offer intensive maps where users not just can get to know about tourist’s attractions but also about the best restaurants, markets, and the distance to the place, availability of cabs and buses and much more. These apps notify users of the hotspots and the current events going on in the nearby places.

Saving Time of Check-In and Check-Out

Hotel room apps not just allow accessing rooms through smartphone but also allow the guests to check-in and check-out saving their time spent on registration at the reception. Interestingly, while booking rooms, customers are offered options to choose from according to their preferences.

Tracking Wi-Fi

Mobile hotspots have made the process of tracking the Wi-Fi connections easier from anywhere and anytime. Travellers do not have to rush to cyber cafes to access Wi-Fi when they can access secure Wi-Fi through hotspots.

by Sanjay K Bissoyi

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