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Transforming The World With Inspirational India Food

Updated: December 13, 2014 10:00 am

A new season has just bloomed; to brighten up dreary, frosty evenings, colours of Christmas glow kick off a fresh exhilaration to the finale of the year. Oxford Street is illuminated beautifully, turned on by a celebrity with a live band on the first week of November, followed by blush ceramic poppy show in London Bridge to commemorate centenary of First World War. Just like rummaging for souvenirs and gifts, food shopping and eating out is in enormous demand too. This is one of the most delightful times to stroll around streets and charmed by imaginative window displays.

Last recession had wrecked the rhythm of markets and lifestyles of people at large but we have a new emerging world around us. UK economy has been on a path towards recuperation and Indian community has contributed immensely with its untiring consistency in our sphere of work for the betterment of this country. I must confess, global Modi wave has its ripple effect in the chilled air of English land as well.

Asian community has awakened with an invigorating sense of purpose and pride; you could see that conviction carried in places of work and community gatherings. People talk a lot about this new powerful Indian leader who’s bringing much needed energy to our people and a ray of hope for humanity to be together as one community. I could easily say it has brought charm to our work and we could see matters changing in front of our eyes.

Indian food has a history of more than hundred years in this country, today Britain is staging our food to a culinary revolution with a crowd arrive from all over. Everything changed when old reputation of curry was uprooted with arrival of passionate young chefs and bona fide ideas of food, which was never heard in this country. We have a group of wizards from different regions of India and they have achieved status and won Michelin stars to make our food heard in the corridors of gourmet industry. Rightly so today, curry is known as the National dish of this country.

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Food has proven as a strong link for culture in our country, from mothers in domestic kitchens, auspicious functions and catering establishments, we experienced a convincing correlation between food and people. Likewise Indian restaurants have paved their way into a wider world to promote our heritage and get people closer to an Indian lifestyle. Most importantly, the spiritual influence of spices coupled with its vibrant colours and sublime flavours have changed the very imagination of Indian food. Today our cuisine has taken over the role as the official ambassador of the country to strengthen our links with world community.

Art of cooking has to reinvent its place in uniting generations. We realise the importance of elderly community to take up an important role too by interacting with young people to pass their wisdom. Most importantly we are aiming to support and celebrate old people’s presence among us. As the world eagerly observes the growth of aged population, they deserve value, respect and quality in their remaining life.

I have experienced warmth in many shelter centres across India and we have huge number of kids with burning desire to succeed and take control of future. Food industry offers a glorious opportunity as taste of our cooking invades new territories and flavours of charm open its wings to a hungry universe. Children are the future owners of this world and we should ensure they dream well and reach their aptitude.

By Das Sreedharan from London

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