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Tokyo Olympics Lessons to Indian Youth

By Dr. Brajesh Kumar Tiwari
Updated: September 2, 2021 3:03 pm

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Sports are an important part of our life. In the playground itself, we can develop a healthy mindset by taking lessons from defeat and victory. In the Indian way of life, thousands of years ago, sages understood the importance of Yogasanas. It is also written in the Upanishad Sharimadyam Khalu Dharmasadhanam, which means that sports and exercise are the main means to keep the body healthy. Scientists also believe that playing in open fields like parks increases the body’s immunity. This develops human values as well as develops collective consciousness through sports because the basic spirit of the game is not to play alone but in a group.

Sports teach us a lot in the process of playing, which also serves as an essential factor in our physical, mental and personal development. It teaches us valuable qualities like time management, leadership, confidence building, learning from mistakes, taking responsibility, team workand enthusiasm.These are some intangible benefits of games that cannot be explored in books or virtual gaming devices.

One of the main problems in our society is the age-old notion of showing sport as inferior to education. Most parents believe that sports are just a means to pass the time. The result of this mindset is quite evident in our generation, especially at a time when virtual and mobile gaming devices have occupied a large part of one’s life.  Be it children or youth, constantly playing games or video games on mobile is becoming a habit of people today.

Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Neeraj Chopra, PT Usha, Mary Kom, Hima Das, PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Mirabai Chanu and the list goes on. These are some of the names that we often mention in our daily life. Who are they? They are neither IAS-PCS nor doctors nor engineers and scientists; They are players. Everyone appreciates and loves them too, but how many of us can muster up the courage to be like them? In the context of India, the game is usually associated with cricket, where most parents areengaged in making children Sachin. They do not think that even the spear of Maharana Pratap can become a Neeraj Chopra and dominate the world.

Most of the students think that getting the highest marks in the examination will lead to further success in life, whereas the truth is not like this. Today, when big companies come to the campus placements to select the youth for their company, the topper of the college is also not selected, the biggest reason is the lack of overall development of personality, which can be complete only with the help of sports.

Thenature of sports is to be united. Sport is equal for all, it does not discriminate between daughter and son, every gender should get equal recognition, but this is not happening in the society. Indira Gandhi became the first woman Prime Minister of India in the 1960s. Then in 2007, in our country, Pratibha Patil became the first woman President of the country. But can we claim a safe, equal and empowered society for women today? The mood of the same society becomes primitive as soon as the girl is known in the womb. It is a sin to deprive someone of the right to life.

We should understand that there is definitely some talent in everyone whether it is in studies or sports. The sports market is vast, and the opportunities are limitless. There is also a bright future in sports and a lot of career options too, youth can make a career on-field by becoming a professional player or coach and off-field in sports management fieldSuch as sports teacher, sports coach, sports journalism, sports management, sports engineering, sports science, sports marketing, sports sponsorship, sports tourism, sports broadcasting, fan development, event and venue management, sports psychology, sports PR and fitness experts, etc. If a person has an analytical mindset, then he can also indulge in sports analytics. Youth can contribute to sports in a number of factors. Sports Authority of India is also doing all possible help for the players, today there are many opportunities for the players to get jobs in both government and private sectors.Government institutions like Railways, Air India, Bharat Petroleum, ONGC, IOC- as well as private groups like Tata Academy, Jindal Group are also involved in the development of sports and sportspersons.

Talent can emerge from anywhere Our country has many hidden talents especially in rural areas, which if provided a platform and training, they can make India proud in various national and international level events like Olympics, Commonwealth etc.Looking at the struggle of Hima Das and Mirabai Chanu, it can be said: “There is victory in front of excuses.”

The need of the hour is to create a sports culture, Youth use these turbulent times of covid as a learning moment, India’s youth is the future of Indian sports. Our country is projected to become the youngest country in the world by 2025, with 62% of the population being youth.The youth have to think about how they can contribute to positive change. In fact, sports are as important as education for success in life.Sports, as a sector, can contribute to a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The key is to change the mindset towards sports. It starts with the society and goes to the government.


By Dr. Brajesh Kumar Tiwari

(The writer is Associate Professor, Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management & Entrepreneurship, JNU. Views expressed are personal)

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