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Tips For Beautiful Hair

Updated: October 30, 2010 4:51 pm

You can’t have beautiful, black, shiny and glowing hair unless you take good care of them. Your hairstyle has to be perfect for you to look your best. Only beautiful hair completes an appearance. In these days of pollution and adulteration, it is difficult to retain the luster and thickness of one’s hair. As compared to the modern-day shampoos, the traditional methods of haircare give good results. Here are some tried and tested ways of keeping the tresses healthy.

  1. To prevent hair fall crush amla, remove seed, dry it and then make powder. Keep this in a container, add juice of some more amla, keep it in the sun whole day and again put it in the juice at night. Repeat this process for seven days. When the powder gets dried completely, add ½ kg sugar candy and ½ kg honey to it, mix well and store in a bottle. If you take ½ spoon in the morning and ½ spoon in the evening, your hair will become black and the roots will become stronger and prevents hair fall.
  2. To prevent hair fall, rub amla, neem and fresh coconut milk to the scalp.
  3. For glowing hair, grind a few green grams, lemon peels, a handful of curry leaves and a few reethas to a paste and apply to the hair before washing off.
  4. For shiny hair, soak about 15 dry amla pieces in a glass of water over night and apply this water to the scalp in the morning and wash off after 10 minutes.
  5. To get rid of nits in the hair, mix equal quantities of vinegar and water and apply on the hair and scalp. Leave for an hour before washing. Brush your hair backwards with a fine-toothed comb. Doing this for a few days will get rid of the nits.
  6. For long and healthy hair, wash with tender coconut water.
  7. Prevent hair fall by applying the paste of leaves and flowers of nutmeg and cow urine. If you apply this to your head once a week wait for half an hour and then wash off you can prevent hair fall.
  8. To remove oil from hair, soak 50gm of bengal gram in 100gms of lemon juice make paste and apply to your head wait for half an hour and wash off.
  9. For soft and silky hair, rinse it with tea decoction to which 1 tablespoon of lime juice has been added.
  10. To prevent hair loss, dry, powder and mix together each of bay and neem leaves and 25 gm of tulsi leaves. Add 5 teaspoons of this mixture to 50 ml water and apply to the scalp once a week.
  11. Crushed spinach leaves make an excellent hair conditioner.
  12. To control split ends and treat rough and coarse hair, warm a combination of castor, mustard and olive oil and massage into the scalp for 20 minutes. Steam towel after 2 hours.
  13. Rinse lifeless hair with a solution of 100 ml light tea mixed with ¾ teaspoon vinegar. This helps in adding bounce and luster to the hair.
  14. If you end up with cold every time you apply henna on your hair, add a few cloves to the henna mixture. The warming properties of cloves will keep you from getting cold.
  15. For a lovely black sheen to the hair, boil 8-10 pieces of amla, 2-3 pieces of shikakai, 25 gm arhar, and 25 gm bahera and soak overnight, in an iron vessel. Sieve the water and mix henna powder. Apply for two hours and then wash it off.
  16. Massage the paste of 1 tablespoon fenugreek seeds, 1 teaspoon black pepper powder and ½ cup milk gently into the scalp, to get rid of dandruff.
  17. Boil a handful of curry leaves in 100 ml coconut oil and massage this oil into the scalp, twice a week. This prevents loss of hair.
  18. To remove chewing gum from the hair, rub a little honey over it.
  19. To get rid of split end in the hair, mix together 1 tablespoon of almond oil, 1 egg yolk and smear all over the scalp. Leave it on for about 30 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.
  20. Prevent grey hair in children by applying amla oil. Take 1 kg amla juice and ½ kg til oil. Mix these two and boil on medium flame till all the water is absorbed in oil. After cooling store in a bottle and apply to head every night and wash off in the morning.
  21. For black shining hair, prevent dandruff and for strong roots. Take the outer-cover of garlic and roast it till it becomes black, make powder and strain it. Add about 20 gm (two tablespoons) of this powder to 200 gm of olive oil and shake the bottle well, till all the powder gets mixed. Now keep the bottle aside for one week without shaking it. After one week whole oil turns black. Apply this oil at night and wash off in the morning.

By N Suguna

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