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Tinda is one of the summer vegetables which fall under the category of gourds.  It is known as baby pumpkin gourd or apple gourd. It contains 94 per cent water and it is low in calories. It somewhat tastes like bottle gourd.  It is a very popular summer vegetable found in Northern parts of India

Water-rich vegetable, it keeps your body cool and healthy, increases urinary flow which helps excrete toxins from the kidney. It also contains a lot of fiber, which helps in digestion, relieves stomach acidity and prevents constipation. Some research indicates it is also very good for healthy skin and hair. It contains antioxidants like carotenoids and many anti-inflammatory agents, which are effective in controlling blood pressure, heart diseases and strokes. It can also prevent cancer formation.

This vegetable has all the essential nutrients and phytochemicals that our body needs.  It is considered as one of the super summer foods owing to its medicinal benefit

  •  Uninary Infections: Tinda controls urinary tract infections, removes urinary tract stones and reduces inflammation.
  • High BP: It can keep your blood pressure under control as it contains low cholesterol.
  • Heart: Being a low calorie, high water content and low in cholesterol this vegetable keeps your heart healthy. Its anti inflammatory agents control or prevent heart disease blood pressure and cancer, prostrate in particular.
  • Digestion: It can be easily digested and can be given to aged and sick people. It controls the acidity and helps improve digestion.
  • Anti-aging:  Carotene in Tinda slows down the aging process. It helps in reducing wrinkles on the face and protects skin from all types of infections. It is alto believed to delay the process of cataract formation, grey hair, bone degeneration and age related brain cell degeneration.
  • Brain cells: Vitamin B6 fatty acids help in growth of brain cells.
  • Immunity:  Tinda seeds help in regulating balance of protein serum and helps in increasing immunity.  It plays important role in circulatory system and its functioning.
  • Weight loss:  Those who are looking for losing weight can safely take Tinda juice. As it contains maximum amount of water taking this juice in the morning helps in controlling one’s weight.
  • Arthritis:  If you are suffering from joint pains and inflammation consumption of Tinda is helpful in relieving the pain. You can also apply Tinda paste on bruise or an injury which has turned the skin blue.  On regular application the skin turns to normal colour. You can use the leaves too.
  • Shiny hair:  Tinda is good for hair. It makes your hair healthier and shining.
  • Skin:  This vegetable is good for your skin too. The pulp along with besan makes a good body scrub. It will give you a smooth and glowing skin.

If you happen to get a ripened vegetable then the seeds become hard. Often you remove and throw them. Always select smooth round ones with light green colour without any spots on them. The tender vegetable can be cooked along with the skin.  Hope you enjoyed reading and when you visit the market next time do not neglect to buy this tiny vegetable.


By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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