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Time To Change

Updated: November 8, 2014 2:38 pm

We need to make certain changes in our lifestyles to lead a healthy life. These changes are necessary to maintain proper weight, reduce cholesterol, control blood pressure, blood sugar and other ailments. Every second person we meet today, invariably complains of one or the other problems mentioned here. Probably most of us have not heard them from our grand-parents or parents. It is just because they had a disciplined lifestyle. Unless we bring about some changes in our lifestyle, these ailments make us suffer lifelong and keep us under medication. If not controlled, they become life threatening. As we all know prevention is always better cure, let us make the following changes for the betterment of our health. It is important to spend some time on hygiene, physical fitness and diet regulation.

Reduce blood cholesterol: First and foremost thing is to set some time for exercise. Whether you are overweight or not, exercise can reduce cholesterol. It may be walking, jogging, skipping, and cycling. If you are too busy and cannot take out time, then experts say that you can make it by standing on one leg while brushing. This can improve your balance and musculature of your legs. Any activity is helpful. Take stairs instead of the elevator or do a few sit ups while watching television.

Choose good nutrition: Self cooking is yet another way to sparing yourself some money and yet serving yourself some health on the plate. Opt for whole grains as various nutrients are found in them and promote heart health. Go for whole grain breads, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat flour and brown rice. Avoid pre-packed food.

Manage diabetes: Swap desserts and candies for fruits and fruit juices. Get rid of the soda of your diet, instead opt for a glass of water.

Avoid junk: Try shopping after having meal at home, if the stomach is full, all the junk will end up in your shop-ping basket.

Switch off mobile: Mobile phone has turned out to be a health hazard. Turn it off from time to time. This would help you avoid a lot of psychological stress and many more problems beyond your imagintion. Mobile phone has become a beast of our times.

Sleep pattern: Sleep early and wake up early as the saying goes. Do some creative work with your early time. Pursue a hobby like origami, painting, gardening or even writing a short story.


Cold water: Take shower with cold water after you are done with household work. Cold water is good for skin, hair and for overall circulation of blood in the body.

Eating habits: Eat only when you are hungry and chew your food slowly. Make sure that you wash your hand before every meal. Never skip your breakfast which defines your day ahead.

Reduce stress: Keep your mind free of stress and anxiety that may cause depression. Depression may lead to the frequency of poor habits not promoting physical health. Poor habits may eventually lead to a poor or even dangerous lifestyle.

And obviously limit alcohol and quit smoking as these causes high blood pressure and diabetes.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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