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This Homeo Honcho Is ‘Skin Deep’

Updated: March 10, 2012 5:20 pm

Dr Mukesh Batra, the ubiquitous homeopathy honcho’s forte is ‘skin deep’ but surely not in the mundane sense of the phrase. This year’s Padma Award recipient, Dr Batra believes the skin is the mirror of more than 2000 diseases that might afflict the humans. The first symptoms of any affliction appear on the skin and he has the uncanny knack of picking that up simply by looking at your skin. His ability to see deep into the body through the skin will enhance manifold when he gets the latest gadget ‘skin analyzer’ imported soon from the USA. He has ordered this diagnostic tool for almost all metropolises.

But entering into the ‘skin’ of a disease is not the sole quality of this homeo honcho. Strange as it might seem, he has been trying hard for three years to enter into the ‘skin’ of Menhdi Hasan, the doyen of ghazals, for fundraising for the poor and needy. And be sure you would be mighty impressed when you hear his stentorian baritone. He certainly has learnt to sing with the ease and panache of a maestro. No wonder, he has been able to raise a lot of money for blind and old-age homes so far through his musical soirees. Getting listeners for a non-singer in Bollywood for fundraising speaks a volume about his singing skills. As if this was not enough, you would be surprised to know that he is also a photographer par excellence. He has been in the ‘skin’ of a photographer for the last seven years. The exhibitions and sale of his photos also bring money that also goes for the charity works in addition to his free homeopathy clinics in a number of cities and towns of the country with free medicines as well.

Staring from the job of a homeopathy doctor 40 years ago on a pittance of 150 rupees, when homeopathy brought neither money nor any prestige, his journey to being homeopathy tycoon, commanding a turnover of more than 100 crore, is indeed a tour de force rarely achieved. He not only ingrained homeopathy effectively into the healthcare enmeshed in a vice-like grip of allopathy, he also spread this alternative therapy far and wide. He established homeopathy in Oman where this efficacious therapy was non-existent. The credit for dominant presence of homeopathy in Mauritius also goes to him where he prodded the powers that be to legislate in favour of homeopathy. His homeopathy empire is ever widening its net, thanks to his repertoire of a wide range of modern homeopathy potions and the success rate. The now jet-setting homeo honcho has his hands firmly on the pulse of the hoi polloi, looking allopathy with a pinch of salt.

A homing bird in the innards of many secretive bollywood’s celebrated celluloid families and industrial houses, Dr Batra’s clout in the financial capital of the country is certainly a measure of efficacious homeopathy potions in treating the diseases of all hues. No surprise he is privy to the deepest secrets of the tinsel town.

He has so far treated successfully more than 75 thousand people for Alopecia, the disease causing loss of hair. Surely you would not be surprised to see his hairlines still intact and refusing to recede even after his age of 60. One can not be faulted for thinking that he must have nourished his hair by the homeo potions that he claims are surefire remedy for early loss of hair. You will again be in for a surprise to know that he does not use any of the medicines to keep his hair firmly in place. To advertise his hair remedy, he might have easily imputed it to his hair remedy but the candor takes the better of him. He sacrifices his ‘metaphor’ for efficacy on the altar of honesty. In an exclusive more than one hour tete-a-tete, he says: “My hair gets succor from my gene that keep tensions always at bay. I never take any stress, thanks to my inherent fetish for healthy lifestyle.’In fact the ‘placebo’ is in his personality that has kept him always in the pink of health but he does not subscribe to the ‘placebo’ salvo that is often hurled at homeopathy by the vested allopathic interests. Placebo is an effect that happens in the brain without actual application of the medicines.

His crowning advice is: “Do not ignore the changes that take place on your skin and early loss of hairs. They are not only cosmetic accessories in the body; they are also carriers of early signals for the impending diseases that might be spreading silently inside the body.” His company—The Batra’s—is focusing a lot on the skin and hair now-a-days.

By D Kumar

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