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Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever

Updated: August 16, 2014 4:49 pm

In today’s time, with all the processed food, pollution, stress, multitasking, all sorts of electronic signals, extreme diets to keep up with new social norms of wanting the boy of a 20-year-old at 50 etc, personal care becomes all the more challenging. Our urban and sedentary lifestyles demand that that we work out and eat right if we want to stay healthy and beautiful. For anyone who wants to age gracefully, the book, Age Erase, authored by Dr. Rashmi Shetty will tell you how to do just that. The one piece of advice which the author gives to the reader to read this book—from page 1 to the very end. The book is the culmination of what Dr. Rashmi Shetty has learnt from her medical graduation from AIMS in Bellur, Karnataka, further studies in Cosmetic Dermatology from Chester UK, and most of all her 12 years of exclusive practice in aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing.

The information in the book is inclusive and works for both sexes. The book is into two parts, with seven chapters in each part.

PART I: All About Skin, will answer all your basic questions about skin.

Chapter 1, Know Your Skin, talks about the layers that make up the skin, its important functions and classifications, the five vital signs of healthy skin and the role our DNA plays in how our skin is, looks, and feels.

Chapter 2 talks about the major skin issues that cause stress like open pores, adult acne, pigmentation, etc.

Chapter 3 talks about how hormones like oestrogen, progesterone, thyroid hormones etc. affect our skin and hair.

Chapter 4 highlights the most common skincare emergencies like tan burns and itchy skin.

Chapter 5 shows you why good sleep is crucial to beautiful skin.

Chapter 6 talks about the effects the changing weather—summer, monsoon, winter—has on our skin.

Part I ends with Chapter 7 on bridal, travel, and festival skin.

Part II, Cheat the Clock, will guide you through tried and tested beauty fundas to help you age beautifully.

Chapter 9 focuses on necessary nutrients required to keep the hair and skin in top shape.

Chapter 10 decodes the components of your skincare regime.

Chapter 11 essentially talks about the process of ageing, photo ageing and sun protection, calculating one’s skin age and the importance of matching it with the right skincare. From your teens to your 60s and beyond, skincare for all age groups is covered. Taking special care of the eyes, lips, neck and chest, hands and body, and nutrients for skin and hair is also discussed in detail.

Chapter 12 lists down anti-ageing treatments that one could go for and certain age aggressors that one needs to be careful of.

Chapter 13 will tell you how to read cosmetic labels and ingredients like an expert. There is also a section on male grooming specifics.

Chapter 14, the final chapter, is on goodies for great skincare and includes information on anti-ageing workouts, facial massages, food recipes, and home remedies. For this chapter the author has taken the advice of certain experts in the fields of fitness, nutrition, and naturopathy.

Age Erase is not just about ageing, lines, or pigmentation spots. It’s about changes you may notice in your skin and the transformations that it goes through as you transition from one decade to another. This book looks at as a process and aims to help you age gracefully ahead and take that first step to eternal youth!

By Nilabh Krishna 

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