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There Must Be Strict Rules For MPs And MLASs

Updated: March 15, 2014 1:50 pm

One is absolutely gobsmacked to see how MPs came to blows on the emotive Telangana issue. Each and every peace-loving citizen is shell-shocked to see the most unruly goon-like behaviour of our MPs inside Parliament. Things have come to such a pass that one Congress MP sprayed pepper because of which many MPs had to be taken immediately to hospital. The situation in state assemblies is even worse.

Why is it that for getting the smallest of small government job, there is proper police verification done, and even if a single entry is found in police record, the candidate concerned is immediately debarred from joining, but for becoming an MP or an MLA, even a notorious dacoit can contest and become an MP or an MLA and can conveniently label all cases as “politically motivated”? Why this raw, naked and blatant discrimination between the common man and MPs and MLAs? Why are rules not equal for all? Rather, it should be said that rules for MPs and MLAs must be most stringent because they represent the entire nation and it is our national image that is most hurt when they resort to unruly behaviour.

Till date, it was only in state assemblies that we witnessed such unruly behaviour but now even Parliament, which is the most sacred institution of our democracy, has been desecrated, for which just punishing those guilty is not going to be enough. Needless to say, from now onwards, no person with a criminal background should be allowed to enter Parliament or even our state assemblies because that is the only way to salvage the deteriorating conducts of our elected representatives. Unless this is done on a war footing, nothing will change and the situation will deteriorate from worse to worst.

Any MP or MLA who is found to be indulging in the slightest of unruly behaviour must be immediately shown the door. It must be made clear that no MP or MLA has the right to rush and manhandle the presiding officer of either Parliament or state assemblies nor should they indulge in any kind of vandalism like breaking chair, table or computer or tearing some Bill from which they are aggrieved and those indulging in the same have to face immediate expulsion and life ban from contesting elections. However, what we saw in Parliament over Telangana has shamed our national image and it will always make us hang our head in shame in front of the world.

Why is it that so many of our MPs and MLAs have criminal background but they are still not barred from entering Parliament or state assemblies? Why is it that a section of MPs and MLAs declares ceasefire for terror groups thus giving them an

opportunity to regroup and launch deadly attack on our security forces killing hundreds of them as we have seen on several occasions in Assam, J&K, etc? They are more interested in holding “talks and dialogues” with terrorists and their bosses like Gen Pervez Musharraf or the like of him, who pays rupees one lakh for severing the head of our soldiers and presenting it to him as gift, as was done by the dreaded terrorist Iliyas Kashmiri in 2000 for which he was honoured specially!

Can one cite the name of one good country which believes that its elected representatives should hold “talks and dialogues” with terrorists and declare ceasefire for them, knowing it fully well that it is soldiers and ordinary citizens who will bear the maximum brunt of that decision? Is there any country which believes in inviting invader like Gen Pervez Musharraf, who himself proudly claims that he had caught India by the neck but Nawaz Sharif spoiled his game by rushing to the US and shaking hands with India and had himself entered 12-13 km inside our territory to supervise the Kargil war and massacre our soldiers, as Captain Saurav Kalia and five soldiers were brutally murdered after torturing them for 22 days and maiming all their vital organs including their private parts? Are our elected representatives bothered for them? Certainly not. Only one senior Congress leader, who is now our President Pranab Mukherjee, had the guts to say in a public event, “Musharraf is calling terrorists,

freedom fighters and terrorism, freedom struggle, but we are welcoming him. I am shocked.” Ambika Soni and other Congress leaders started seeing in disbelief as to what Pranab was saying but what he said was hundred per cent right.

Coming back to main subject, it is high time those elected representatives, who have even a single pending case against them, should be barred in much the same manner as a

candidate is barred, who applies for any government job, even though the case was registered by someone holding personal enmity with him/her. There should not be any double standards and double para-meters for the common man and elected representatives.

By Sanjeev Sirohi

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