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There Is A Thin Dividing Line Between Success And Failure

Updated: May 1, 2010 1:31 pm

Nobody really wants to fail in life. Right from the humblest, in the huts, to the highest, in mansions, want success in the field, in which they are engaged. How it that despite a fervent desire, only a small percentage, make it to the top.

            One reason is, that if somebody fails once, in any venture, he takes the same, as final. What needs, to be borne in mind, that no failure, like any other situation, in life, is final and permanent. People who fail in life, trot many excuses, like that, they did not have the time. But the truth is that both the successful and unsuccessful have the same twenty four in a day.

            By using the time, on the things which matter, the successful have achieved enviable heights. By squandering, the same, the failures have aggravated their conditions. It must be kept, in mind that success also means, from learning from the measures, as to why we, did not succeed earlier and why we have succeeded now. Success also involves pursuing your goal single mindedly, without losing your zeal.

            When you fail, ask yourself as to how many times, you tried and how many times, you refused to be cowed down by it. This is, only to assess, the level of your persistence. It is a bitter truth that success is linked to our persistence. We can do anything in life, as long as we stick to it, long enough.

            It is a reality that failure is both demotivating and demoralising. But it is a fact of life that rarely any thundering success comes in the first attempt. The glory lies in falling down and getting up and trying again and again till you succeed.

            If you are doing your best, and are busy, you will not have, any time to worry. The thin line between success and failure is illustrated by the fact, that most people desirous of success, do not try to find out the imperfection and then try to overcome them.

            When Edison was asked about failure in inventing newer and newer things, before he invented gramophone and bulb, he replied   that: “I know now 10000 ways that won’t work”.

            Our failure mostly lies in no

longer trying and giving up at the first obstacle. It is also a question, as to what you call failure. In my definition of failure, failure is simply something, in which you have not succeeded yet. Never confuse one or two defeats, with the ultimate and final defeat. Treat failure, as an opportunity, to gird up your lions, and begin again shrewdly.

            You can say, that you have failed half a dozen times, but never even remotely, auto suggest, to yourself, that you are a failure. You are not a failure unless, you have lost your courage to try again and again. No body succeeds through success. People succeed only through failures.

            Failure gives us an opportunity to cogitate and discover as to what failures have led to our mistake. Mastering the mistakes gives us a chance to learn. It is only, through learning, that we can, acquire better skills, expand knowledge and enhance our abilities. It is only our skills and greater competence, which can make a difference to our lives and world. Better opportunities, come to us, only through our capabilities and expertise.

            It is only through blunders and slip ups and by learning from them, that the most successful people have reached the top of their professions.

            Slip ups and errors, reveal to us, what would not work. Nobody starts, as a success from the beginning and day one. People have become great through experiences and mistakes. The important thing is not to stop and end your quest at the point you have failed.

            If you give up at the first obstacle, and never try again, then it is curtains for you. Bear in mind, that what matters, is, where you end. Success does not come on easier terms, except by learning from your mistakes and then moving on. Never under estimate the power of your belief in yourself.

            Do not lean, on others, to boost your confidence and build up your morale. Only you can do it, for yourself, by building yourself and trying again and again. Treat failure as a first step towards success. Even if you do not succeed, treat it, or, at the best, a deferred success. Any failure is not the end of the world.

            Even a failure, in an examination, is not the end of the world. You can appear again, next time or next year. But you have to work more diligently and industriously to avoid failure. We should look, the fear of failure, in the face. It is only this way, you can gain courage, strength and confidence. Of course, experience, and especially from failures is a tough teacher, as it gives the test first and lessons afterwards. Things, including our failure happen due to a cause and that cause, lies within us. Cause could be your inadequate planning, preparations, failure to assess the right technique to deal with a problem. It lies within the capabilities of each one of us, to learn from our failure.

            Nobody like failing. If failure comes, despite your best efforts, then try to gain wisdom and lesson, from the same, so that you do not make the same mistakes again. Do not waste your life and time on regrets. Learn from what happened and why and then move on.

            We must be open to change and be willing to adopt a different and a newer strategy. But experience can teach, only those, who are willing to learn. Though man, has a unique quality of capability of learning from the mistakes of others. But at the same time, most men are disinclined to do so. So they make their own mistakes and then try to move on the right path.

            No set back should be treated as tragedy and an unmitigated disaster. Instead, let us treat it, as a stepping stone to success. We should bear in our minds, the lessons of child hood.

            A baby does not get up from the bed on birth and starts walking. It happens after one year He or she often falls flat on his or her face, innumerable times, then pulls up and stands up, falls again and again tries.

            Unfortunately, as adults, we forget the lessons of childhood. We tend, to treat our failures, or falls as permanent set backs, rather than the essential steps in the journey to our final destination of success.

            It is simply a question and will of crossing a thin line between our objectives from failure to success. Infact, you would not relish success, unless, you have tried your best. We must bear in our minds all the time, that success will not lower its standards for us. We have to come upto it. It is futile to divert your attention to imaginary troubles and worries, which may never come. Let us keep all the time, our own purpose, in our view. Irrespective of the circumstances we confront.

By Joginder Singh

(The writer is former Director, CBI)

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