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The Unparliamentary Word At Intellectuals’ Centre

Updated: June 20, 2015 4:00 pm

The dining hall in the main India International Centre was full as usual. There was some excitement because Shivraj Patil had come too for dinner. Most diners were old members, there were just a few new members. The quiet expected at a centre of intellectuals and academics meant quiet and it was exacty that.

The quiet was broken when some diner loudly said, you idiot. The old timers were aghast. Never in my 30 years I have heard such word and worse using it against a waiter who too has been serving us for decades.

Normally, if a wrong dish is brought, one simply has it changed. If the service is slow or a waiter is slipshod, one normally complains to the manager in charge. But to call some one an idiot was the last thing expected. As it is there was a lot of murmuring about some individuals who have been made new members leaving out some who would have been assets to the Centre.

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