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The Trump Card

Updated: November 19, 2011 4:46 pm

Any guess, which trump card is the Congress party going to play in the coming elections? Nope, it is not Rahul Baba at all. Congress is though working hard to promote Rahul Gandhi in the coming assembly elections in UP, the party counts a little on him. Then who will be the trump card? It is Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. A spokesperson of the party admitted that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was the trump card of the party but the party didn’t want to waste her in the assembly elections of UP. The party has little hope in UP and it cannot risk playing this card in these elections (UP). He said that the party wanted to keep her reserved for the 2014 general elections. No wonder, you couldn’t see Priyanka campaigning for UP. Priyanka would campaign but only for few seats such as Amethi and Raebareli.

Kashmir Crisis

The Congress-NC coalition government of Jammu & Kashmir had been running in a deep trouble for the past few days, but the Congress state in-charge Mohan Prakash had very little to do with the situation. It is said that Chief Minister Omar Abdullah enjoys very close relations with Rahul Gandhi and he was appointed as CM on his choice. Now Omar Abdulla doesn’t give Mohan Prakash any weightage. That is why during the recent crisis in the state, Mohan Prakash had no answer to convince the journalists. Sources said that neither of the two leaders has talked even once since Mohan Prakash was appointed as state in-charge.

BJP’S Congress-Communist Connection

The leadership change in the BJP-led government of Uttrakhand has little effect on the working style of the BJP leaders of the state. The former Chief Minister Nishank and the present Chief Minister Khanduri both have a lot in common. These two appointed people who are known for their communist and Congress connection. Nishank had appointed Prabhat Dabral a communist as Information Commissioner and now Khanduri has appointed a journalist as a press advisor, this new appointee is pro-Congress. The BJP brigade seems shell shocked at this new melodrama. A senior state BJP leader alleged that Khanduri was also protecting Congress MLA Kunwar Pranav Singh, whereas the court has rejected his bail in an attempt to murder case.


Rashid Alvi is as happy as a lark these days. He is the new favourite of the party Congress Superemo Madam Sonia Gandhi. Earlier on, Alvi was in Samajwadi Party. His clout at a fast pace is getting a foothold in the Congress corridor. Lately, he revealed that he was the only leader from the party who got a chance to campaign for the two most important seats of Amethi and Raebareli. It is evident that these seats are almost reserved for the Nehru family. And according to Alvi, no leaders are allowed to campaign in these two seats except from the Nehru family.

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