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The state of Bihar

Updated: January 1, 2016 10:38 am

The general saying these days is ‘Nitish proposes, Lalu disposes’. This it is said explains the turn around on prohibition in the State. This also explains why Biharis are now apprehending the return of the turbulent 15 long years under Laluji and Rabri Devi as alleged by Nitish himself before the grand alliance. But then why did people made him raja? A professor cites a Tort case in the 1850s. On neighbours’ complaint, a husband, a habitual drunkard and wife-beater was sentenced for 18 months.

After three months of her husband’s incarceration, the wife appealed to the magistrate that she was feeling traumatised because she was missing the beatings. The case went up to House of Lords. The Lord Chief Justice’s judgement is read by every Law student. He had released the husband, because his wife, being protected by law, said she did not need protection any longer. Likewise Biharis missed the Raj under the Yadav couple, so they made him raja, and Nitish relegated to be chief minister, subject to acquiescence to Raja’s hukam.

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