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 The spiritual treasure hunt

Updated: April 19, 2018 1:25 pm

A treasure hunt can be successful only when the digger has correct information of the place where the digger has correct information of the place where the treasure is hidden. He must also have the enthusiasm and energy to dig and find the treasure. He must slow and steadily, with hopeful patience and perseverance, continue digging and remove all obstacles that he may meet with till he reaches the goal of his seeking – the treasure trove. At last, when he comes to the rich vaukts he must be level-headed and calm enough not to lose his balance so that he is in a position to gather the treasure and make use of it.

In the same fashion, the infinitely rich treasure of perfection that lies unseen beneath the outer crude   layers of matter envelopments in the bosom off the man is to be discovered as his own self. The seeker must have the assiduity, industry, hope and patience to dig in the right place, in the right fashion, constantly and continuously with unabated enthusiasm, in the face of even the greatest obstacles, until at last, he comes not only to see the treasure but to gather it, possess it and enjoy it, as its sole proprietor. The seeker must not dig just anywhere; he must start his endeavour in the right direction as advised by those who know the truth as declared in the scriptures.

In the spiritual treasure hunt, the endeavour of digging is made with the pickaxe of thought and the spade of discrimination. With these, we remove the earth – the attachment with the body, mind and intellect, which are the effect off the ignorance of the self. Avidya creates in us various misunderstanding and it is these agitations of the mind and negative thought veiling of the intellect that conceal the treasure divine, the self. These can be removed by reflaction and meditation.

Manana and dhyana reflection and meditation- prepare the mind for a single pointed application by brunging it to the state of least agitation. This is the condition of the mind and intellect fit for vicara, the highest spiritual sadhana known to man. This is exhaustively indicated only in Vedanta.

This is the only path for complete and permanent liberation from the chaotic confusion created by our ignorance of the underlying divinity in ourselves.

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By H.H.Swami Chinmayananda


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