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The Sheila Factor In UP

Updated: April 28, 2012 11:43 am

Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit’s appointment to the committee looking into the Congress debacle in the UP vidhan sabha poll came as a surprise. Her every minute was very vital for the ongoing Delhi municipal elections since not only her prestige for trifurcating MCD but the party’s image is also at stake. The victory might give a breather to the gasping Congress. Sheila Dikshit, a long time UP heavyweight veteran for being daughter-in-law of ex-Union Home Minister the late Uma Shankar Dikshit, who was known for his proximity to the Nehru family and a member of the Rajiv Gandhi cabinet, has seen victory and defeat in parliamentary elections many a time. She has been keeping interest in UP as the names of leaders of UP are regularly there in her appointment list. If this committee headed by AK Antony was just to stamp the Rahul Gandhi’s viewpoint of his enquiry then Mrs Dikshit was hardly needed in the committee. Sonia Gandhi’s view that the party has lost due to wrong selection of candidates and poor organisational set-up has necessarly been reflected in the report. And this might not exactly be in consonance with the Rahul’s view after a superficial dissection. An honourable and silent exits of screening comittee chairman Mohan Prakash and general secretary incharge of UP Digvijay Singh from the prime position are on cards through the search report of this comittee.

Unique Solution

The Jail (prison) Minister of Uttar Pradesh Raja Bhaiyya truly understands the plight of prisoners. During his recent visit to a prison in Lucknow, he scolded the prison authorities for not maintaining cleanliness in the premises. A lady officer was even suspended for allegedly misbehaving with a female prisoner. However, the icing on the cake is that the minister has ordered couples (who are sentenced in the same or different cases) be lodged in the same cell. Authorities are working hard to implement this order as soon as possible as it would ease their job. “When wife is there in the cell, she will manage the husband and we would not have to deploy police personnel for monitoring.”


Bilawal’s Love For India

Ensuring the safe entry into India, the Yuvraj of Pakistan Bilawal Bhutto Zardari exploited his web prowess when he visited Ajmer recently. Even before he could get out of the plane, junior Zardari tweeted: “AOA India peace be with you! I have just landed in Delhi. First ever visit.” Here AOA apparently stands for Allah-O-Akbar. He kept tweeting sugar-coated messages throughout his movement in Delhi and Ajmer. From hospitality to food, the young chieftain praised it all. A history student at Oxford University, Zardari also went back into the history to establish his links with India. He does understand that despite what his courses at the prestigious University might teach, history is a family heirloom in this part of the world and must be given its due. “SMBB also accompanied SZAB to India,” he tweeted. Remember 19-year-old Benazir (Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto) accompanied her father SZAB (Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto) to India for the Shimla accord.


Just Piss(Ed) Off!

Soon entry into urinals at the Planning Commission would be restricted. They have installed swipe card readers at urinal gates to restrict entry of unwanted. Journalists and other visitors roaming around the Planning Commission find it hard to hold it for long. Incidentally, a senior advisor who was not issued the card, wanted to use the toilet. Without having a “valid” entry pass to use the toilet, he had to struggle for over 10 minutes. The floor was abuzz that deputy chairman was planning to charge 10 rupees per entry. Now the question is: Would an Indian who earns 26 rupees per day (mind you not a poor) be able to pay the fees to get the relief?


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