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The Rising NaMo

Updated: February 2, 2013 11:08 am

Modi now seems inevitable for raring and resurgent India. Modi is closing in on the national psyche slowly but surely. He seems all set to straddle across the national political firmament as only customised leader who can carry forward the floundering nation to the shores of certain future. NaMo has displayed short, mid and long-term needs of the nation and is giving his best to fulfil those needs based on priority. Indian politicians are seldom visionary leaders, leaders are seldom honest and hardworking, honest hardworking persons are seldom eloquent, eloquent talkers are seldom electrifying, claim many youngsters who have given numerous feedbacks in the social media on NaMo. It looks as if the citadel of secular brigade is crumbling with the emergence of a fiery leader called Narendra Modi, born and brought up in the world of saffron imagination. The nation of the highest number of youngsters of the world is eying for a leader like Narendra Modi who has a will, vision and agenda of action for a developed Bharat. He is no more limited to Gujarat or the BJP, but he has been slowly ruling the young hearts of India and in the recently held vibrant Gujarat summit, he got the green signal from who’s who of Indian entrepreneurs that he can lead the nation where the rural and urban India can have a balanced development. He has proved in Gujarat that India can be a global model for the world instead of a myth of a global model for India. Very rightly and firmly he says that now the farmers of Gujarat can export a Gujarat model to China instead of importing a China model in Gujarat. NaMo has a strong will to fulfil Swami Vivekananda’s dream of India as a world leader, which is waiting to happen. And Modi in his valedictory address to the world leaders of the business summit, roared and asked why we have not been able to fulfil Swami Vivekananda’s dream of taking India to the pinnacle of world leadership and added that we could achieve this with our youth. “A nation with so many youths, what can it not do,” he asked. He shared that the Gujarat government had laid great emphasis on skill development. He pointed out that in the coming years, the world would require skilled workforce. “People say we export Ford, Maruti but I say why can’t we export teachers? When a teacher is exported, a generation is created. The Vibrant Gujarat is a summit of which the entire nation would be proud,” he said and remarked, “People from 121 nations are coming here and experiencing the love of Gujarat. You see so many of them saying Kem Cho, Namaste. We cannot measure all this by a thermometer. It is the love of the people across the world for Gujarat. This bond is priceless. This bonding is stronger than branding. We want to scale new heights of development. At the same time, if we do not understand the world, if we do not talk to them, we will become like frogs in a well.” In the changing times, we cannot be different from the world. We cannot go ahead like this. Such summits are an opportunity to understand the changing world, Modi said.

Last week, I was in Gujarat to cover the sixth Vibrant Gujarat Summit, which was in fact undeniably the biggest business summit ever held in India. Delegates from over 121 countries, besides Indian corporate glitterati, were given warm red carpet welcome by the people of Gujarat under the stewardship of visionary leader Mr Narendra Modi. From Japan to Denmark and from Russia to Australia, ministers and diplomats from most countries began their speeches in Gujarati. Even Narendra Modi’s known critic and leading environment and civil rights activist Mahesh Pandya, who runs an NGO Paryavaran Mitra, signed an MoU with Gujarat Pollution Control Board, in the presence of Modi. Modi stressed that in the age of Information Technology, India needed to focus on Environment Technology (ET).

One of the fans of Modi writes in a social media, “Our NaMo is probably the only leader by any sense of that word, possessing visionary zeal, incorruptible honesty, unbreakable will, unbelievable capacity for hard yet smart work, eloquent in speech and electrifying in appeal. Good fortune beckons young India in 2014. Hope India elects NaMo as PM unanimously. NaMo, for you, we sincerely appeal for the sake of our beloved nation, please take necessary steps for Lok Sabha Poll-2014. Any other person as PM would be a national tragedy, just like our current one.”

One can really guess the amount of support he is carrying with him. Forget about Nitish Kumar, Modi has open supports of many regional leaders like Jayalalithaa, Uddhav Thackeray, Raj Thackeray, Naveen Patnaik and many more. In Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar is also a good friend of Modi. In Karnataka, Yeddyurappa will certainly come back to the BJP fold when Modi runs the show. So the bottlenecks for Modi only lie with some of the BJP central leaders, who are desperate to place themselves in Modi style of functioning. I am told that Modi has already identified almost 300 Lok Sabha constituencies where he will concentrate for the BJP in the next general elections, as he is about to head the BJP campaign committee and also be inducted in the BJP Parliamentary Board.

Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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