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The Real Fringe Elements

Updated: December 3, 2015 10:42 am

India knows the real face of anti-national activists. There are many who advise that the best course is to ignore these activists. How can one possibly ignore them when a segment of mainstream media devotes half their space for writings by such anti-nationals?

There are so-called fringe elements in every free society, free and liberal country. To be possessed, freedom and liberalism must be regulated; otherwise it may yield to anarchy. Even the judiciary in India has justifiably,sought to partially insulate itself by the provision of ‘contempt of court’.

Assault on Indian Constitution

The makers of the Indian Constitution were so conscious about liberalism that they even did not prescribe any ‘ism’ while adopting multi-party democracy. Dr BR Ambedkar, when suggested to add ‘socialism’ in the preamble to the Constitution, had said during the Constituent Assembly debate that:

“…If you state in the Constitution that the social organisation of the State shall take a particular form, you are, in my judgment, taking away the liberty of the people to decide what should be the social organisation in which they wish to live. It is perfectly possible today, for the majority people to hold that the socialist organisation of society is better than the capitalist organisation of society. But it would be perfectly possible for thinking people to devise some other form of social organisation which might be better than the socialist organisation of today or of tomorrow. I do not see therefore why the Constitution should tie down the people to live in a particular form and not leave it to the people themselves to decide it for themselves….”

12-12-2015For the same reason, the word ‘Secular’ also did not feature in the Constitution, as it was taken as intrinsic to the religious ethos of the majority community of the new nation-state. On the other hand, those who did not believe in it asked for Pakistan and were rewarded. The compulsions for moving away from India were best summed up by Iqbal. In a speech he emphasized that unlike Christianity, Islam had its own ‘legal concepts’ with civic significance and with ‘religious ideals’, inseparable from ‘social order’. He further said that “…the construction of a policy on national lines, if it means a displacement of the Islamic principle of solidarity, is simply unthinkable to a Muslim.” Therefore for Iqbal political unity of Muslims was not enough. Muslim societies even if united could not blend with a society not based on Islamic principles.

A nation-state is based in various measures on geographical unity, cultural unity, linguistic unity, social unity, historical unity, and of course religious unity. Given the mélange of these in the Indian context, it was felt that a civilizational country like India was inherently secular and undue emphasis on any terminology in this regard would be provocative and counterproductive.

Nevertheless, Dr BR Ambedkar’s intellect was assaulted in 1976 during Emergency, when a scared and subverted parliament introduced the 42nd Amendment Bill and introduced the words ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ into the Preamble.

Weapons to bleed India

Ever since then the Leftists in India have used these two terms ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ to wreck India from within. The pioneers amongst these Leftists were trained and subverted mainly in Cambridge and Oxford, wherein their intellectually perverted mentors had mastered the art of subversion. Their intellectual forefathers were James Mills and Charles Grant, who in 1808 were appointed to write history of India, who consciously did not visit India, lest they got influenced.

Their leftist progeny in India belonged to the same English speaking class, who post-independence India, were on the fringe of the society but began to dictate the national discourse. Gradually, apart from universities, it is these fringe elements occupied the so-called creative and intellectual spaces in Bollywood, parallel cinema, theatre and in the art of subverted writing. None of these so-called creative people have done one pioneering work, which has reduced our technological dependence on the West and alleviated or elevated the state of the people of India. All that they have done is to peddle falsehood through stories, plays, films and novels.

India must salvage UK and US

12-12-2015A sizeable number of these people form part of NGOs engaged in ‘derailing India’ at every level. Many of these like ‘Greenpeace’ have been banned and that is why they are now insidiously on an overdrive to malign the Indian state. They have no qualms about abusing their motherland for benefit of foreigners. These anti-nationals and their benefactors in the Western countries need to answer as to why UK continues to be an uncivilised country in the sense that it has been sheltering the most dreaded criminal and inhuman organisations of the world, like the Khalistanis, JKLF, LTTE, Naga insurgents, Mizo insurgents, Maoists etc. Most of these terrorist organizations, criminal outfits including Dawood’s D-Gang have footprints in London. It is a huge financial windfall for UK.

These so-called intellectuals should also answer that despite all the ‘liberalism’ and ‘tolerance’, why the British Muslims are joining ISIS in such large numbers. Currently, out Prime Minister is on a visit to UK. Indian journalists accompanying him should ask the UK authorities to respond to the news about a Maoist cult leader Arvind Balakrishnan having raped several women followers over several years by brainwashing and intimidating them. He kept his daughter imprison for last 30 years. This Maoist leader perpetrated the rape in the name of destroying ‘fascist-state’. This activity and excuse is not alien to the leaders in India’s Red-Corridor. It is also not alien to their overground cadres, who speak English and masquerade as ‘Intellectuals’.

Had this happened in India and not London, imagine the contrived public discourse in India and internationally. Imagine also the upheaval in India if the Prime Minister had declared something as did David Cameron: “Yes, we are a nation that embraces, welcomes and accepts all faiths … But we are still a Christian country”.

This author is pained at the human rights abuses in the US. I implore the leftists—so-called intellectuals, to share my concern. I am anguished at the fact that one out of every three women in US is raped. I am deeply anguished about the ugly and wide-spread phenomenon of rape of step daughters by their fathers in US. Since 2013, nearly a thousand cases of mass shootings have taken place in US, more than 300 in this very year. In some of these shootings, the worst kind of intolerance was witnessed; victims were segregated, and spared or killed as per their religion. So let us as Indians work together in disabusing these countries of barbarism and human rights abuses.

Dawood’s Tryst with Intellectuals

Many of these so-called intellectuals and creative people have been on the payroll of Dawood Ibrahim. Some of them from the Bollywood have been performing for Dawood’s entertainment in Dubai and elsewhere, since the 1993 blasts in Mumbai. It comprised actors, actresses, singers, musicians and directors. Readers can view these clips on youtube. In fact, one of the performers went on to become a member of parliament. The entire Dawood’s network amongst these white-collared criminals was exposed during the run-up to the hanging of Yakub Memon. This network apart from Bollywood, extended to journalists, lawyers and social activists.

Whenever characters like Arundhati Roy, (The One Book Wonder) smell an opportunity to harm India, they become intellectually very prolific. She and the intellectuals of her ilk have been painstakingly trying to put all the anti-national elements on one platform like the Hurriyat, the Maoists, and the insurgent groups of Northeast, that to brazenly in Delhi.

Girish Karnard: Exemplary Tolerance

Girish Karnard’s ‘tolerance’ was at its best when he abused the Nobel Prize Laureate VS Naipaul during a function in November 2012 in India. Karnard behaved like a street ‘goonda’. The festival director Anil Dhaker said: “We were all taken aback by Girish Karnard’s attack on VS Naipaul. After all, we had invited him to speak about his journey in theatre and Mr Naipaul had nothing to do with that. Even the packed audience had come to listen to Mr Karnard talk about theatre… I am all for free speech, but free speech presupposes a dialogue.” Karnard abused Naipaul for being ‘anti-Muslim’, little knowing that he was married to a Muslim (Nadira) and her two children were being brought up as Muslims.

But then subverted people like Karnard seldom read what does not conform to their anti-national ideology. His play ‘Dreams of Tipu Sultan’ written in Persian by Tipu himself was translated by a British Major. In the entire document, there are numerous derogatory references to Hindus and Christians. It is the same Tipu, who invited the Afghan King Jamal Shah and the Caliph of Turkey to invade India. It is the same Tipu who in 1796 burnt the entire literary and scientific treasure of the Mysore Palace, which included invaluable ‘Palm leaf manuscripts’. The evidence of linguistic intolerance of Tipu Sultan persists even today, like the Muslims of Malabar and Muslims of Tamil Nadu, who speak Malyalam and Tamil respectively, the Muslims of Karnataka do not communicate in Kannada but in Urdu.

I am sure Girish Karnard does not find the Portuguese traveler Father Barthoelomeo also a religious fanatic, who in his book, ‘Voyage to East Indies’ has the following to write about Tipu: “First, corps of 30,000 barbarians, who butchered everybody on the way—followed by Field Gun Unit under French Commander M Lally—Tipu was riding on an elephant with another Army of 30,000 soldiers. Most men and women were hanged with their children tied to necks of their mothers. The barbarian Tipu Sultan tied naked Christians and Hindus to legs of elephants to move around till the bodies of victims were torn to pieces.”

Who are Anti-Nationals?

12-12-2015The litmus test for differentiating between an anti-national and a well-meaning activist is that the latter will talk of reconciliation, development, will highlight weaknesses and suggest ways to overcome them, will applaud the good efforts of the State, will create institutions and will develop local talent and leadership rather than trying to garner all the publicity and media attention. Unfortunately, most activists who have been in the news in the recent times seem to belong to the category of enemies of India, certainly at the behest of inimical agencies and countries.

They are anti-nationals because they do not believe in the liberal Indian system and are propagating the violent cause of the Maoists to turn India into a totalitarian state. They are anti-national because they are trying to push the Kashmiris into the folds of totalitarian and fundamentalist state like Pakistan. They are anti-national because there current stance on Kashmir has been designed to detract the growing Chinese occupation of Gilgit-Baltistan. They are anti-nationals because they are engaged in linking all anti-India groups, so that the leverage on each-others expertise in violence and terror.


India knows the real face of these activists. There are many who advise that the best course is to ignore these activists. How can one possibly ignore them when a segment of mainstream media devotes half their space for writings by such anti-nationals?

By RSN Singh 

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