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The Power Of Words

Updated: September 24, 2011 3:09 pm

All the sounds proceed from the silence and infinite yet words are the expression of the silence which is finite. Words spoken out of our mouth establish the cornerstone, personality of our life. Words create impressions, images and expectations. Words put together show the influence of our thoughts so they build psychological connections between people. Words are transmitters that carry either fear or faith. Fear statements like, ‘are you alright’? Where as you can ask, “I am sure you are alright.” This is nothing but a skill. You must learn to be skilful in speech because the life or death cycle is turned on by the words we speak. All dirty and negative speech must be rooted out of our lives because the inner ear of our spirit carry whatever we speak to the soil of our heart.

Words should be used as valuable tools for creating harmony therefore we should strive to learn to use words effectively. Only when we take responsibility of the spoken word we can learn to move away from the surface of life, to dive deep down to find greater treasures of the universe. There we find the great power of silence which lies beyond the realm of words. Then the limitations of the spoken words we can understand and slowly we will begin appreciating the unlimited power of silence which is our true power that will bring right word for the right occasion.

When you say word, word says substance. Many people speak words that they don’t really believe. The Word of God planted in the heart and spoken out of the mouth will release power. Think before speaking, keep the word in your heart and rehearse. Speaking God’s Word is a form of meditation that will produce the confidence needed to release power and success in life. We have been blessed with an inner and outer ear. Inner ear (Inner voice) or the voice of God and the outer voice—sounds of the external world. The inner ear has to synchronise with the outer ear only then you should act in others’ statements or decide. The inner voice is the voice of the spirit but man is used to hear the word that is audible to him. The outer ear listens to what the inner ear wants to hear, as it gets corrupted by constantly supplying with negative words. So let the inner ear be clean listening to the voice of God. The Bible says that the tongue is the pen that writes words on our hearts, crooked, loving, critical etc. Success comes from speaking things as we want them to be according to what God has said.

One can’t keep quiet, because it is against his basic nature. Since the cosmic vibration does not keep quiet. Speech is a cardinal attribute in nature’s realm of cosmic delusion, deriving from the sound of the cosmic vibration with its gunas of creation, preservation, and destruction. Speech is responsible for these three attributes. God created the Ear as air element, the heart as water element, and the mouth as the fire element so that it can function together as the power of trinity. All the elements of nature speaks through the vibratory expression, everything from the hum of atoms to the songs of birds and utterances of beasts, everything has its own form of communication with out the spoken words. Through such vibratory sound all nature communes.

 By Maa Shyama

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