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The Power Of Pomegranate (Anar)

Updated: November 19, 2011 5:13 pm

Pomegranate (anar) has been a remedy for a number of ailments for many cultures around the world for thousands of years. Hundreds of sweet and sour juicy seeds inside the tough skin of the pomegranate fruit are rich source of riboflavin, copper, fibre, potassium, zinc, vitamin C and manganese. According to Ayurveda, the fruit pacifies pitta dosha in the body.

Health benefits of Pomegranate

For Eyes:- To get relief from the redness and heat in the eyes ,grind and extract juice from pomegranate seeds and filter it through a fine muslin cloth and then put two drops in the eyes.


Acidity and Uneasiness:- Take 400 g of juice from sweet ripened pomegranate and mix it with 300 g of sugar syrup (sugar added to little water, boiled and brought to consistency), 4 g of kesar and 10 g of cardamom powder. Store this mixture in a bottle. Take 20 g of this juice and add the same amount of water and drink daily. This will help relieve heat, acidity and uneasiness very effectively. Hence it is very cooling for the body and ideal in summers.


Fever:- If you take 100 g of pomegranate juice (with sugar) regularly in the morning and evening you will get relief from fever. You can even get relief from sunstroke, nausea, feeling of uneasiness and vomiting.


Loss of Appetite:- Pomegranate helps in improving the appetite of the body, palpitations and counters the weakness of the intestines. It helps in building up of haemoglobin level and in promoting weight gain and virility. You can enhance your taste buds by taking 100g of pomegranate juice mixed with one spoon honey and little sendha namak (rock salt). This is also very effective in improving your appetite. A combination of black salt, black pepper, roasted cumin seeds and dried pomegranate seeds provide you with a sure shot relief from aversion to food


Dry Cough:- Make fine powder of the dried skin of pomegranate sieve in a cloth and mix it with little kapoor and store it in a bottle. Add 3 g of this powder to water and drink 3 times a day to get relief from dry cough.


Nausea:- Vomiting and nausea during pregnancy can be controlled by taking pomegranate juice.


For Heart:- Pomegranates have a beneficial effect on heart diseases and strokes, as it helps in lowering bad cholesterol. It is extremely heart friendly. It is said if you eat one pomegranate at bedtime for 40 days you can get rid of any kind of heart ailment.10g (two table spoons full) of Pomegranate juice mixed with 10g of misri powder (powder of sugar candy) 3 times a day gives relief from chest pain.


For Dental Ailments:- Dry the flowers of pomegranate in shade, make fine powder and apply to teeth. This gives relief from all the dental problems and even stops bleeding of teeth. Bad breath as well as excessive salivation can be relieved by gargling with decoction of pomegranate rind in winter. Also the same decoction helps in countering oral cavities and throat ulcers.


Viral Infections:- Add little jayphal powder and clove powder to pomegranate juice and mix it with one table spoon honey. And take the mixture 3 times a day to get rid of Viral Infections.

 Other Health Benefits

Pomegranates possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and they aid in boosting the immune system along with aiding in wound repair. They can also help in fighting osteoporosis, as they help in slowing down the deterioration of cartilage.

Expecting mothers should make it a point to add pomegranate juice in the diet, as it has been found that pomegranate juice can protect the unborn babies from brain defects which may be caused from low oxygen or low blood flow.

Apart from numerous health benefits, it also helps in maintaining a smooth and beautiful skin. Antioxidants in pomegranate can help to prevent premature aging as they help in slowing down the formation of wrinkles. In addition scientists have found out that eating pomegranates can be beneficial in protecting oneself from skin cancer.

Hence pomegranate comes under super fruits category as they not only provide numerous health benefits but also aid in the beautification of a person.

For Hair:- Paste of powder of pomegranate leaves applied to the scalp checks hair fall. It also provides relief from eczema.


Kidney Functioning:- Dried rind powder taken with water, helps in regulating the urination and excessive bleeding during menstruation and piles.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna





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