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The Next Level Of Entertainment

Updated: July 12, 2014 9:00 am

In this new decade where devices are getting smarter and technology is getting more intense, personal gadgets have become a mass mode of entertainment

Long gone are those days when television and radio were the only mode of entertainment. Now the industry is noticing a paradigm shift from traditional media entertainment system to a newer and more effective mobile technology. Mobile devices have shown an immense potential in becoming the future home of entertainment. Whether it be mobile TV or music streaming, playing games on mobile or using Whatsapp, these are some prime examples that show how dynamically a profile can change due to popularity of a few devices and some applications or services.

India is being seen as the one of the biggest markets for the entertainment industry. If we go with the current scenario, then it is estimated that India has gained a mobile user base of more than 900 million. Rapid adoption of gadgets that deliver networking capabilities and multi-screen home entertainment are on the go and deep penetration of internet among the youth of the country has increased the demand of such devices. India’s internet audience grew by 31 per cent. This steep increase can be attributed to the social media. Everyone wants to be connected via social media whether the person is a millionaire or a driver. M-entertainment is evolving with a high speed and it is estimated that soon the M-entertainment would out-power all other medium of entertainment.

With the emergence of cloud-based solutions, consumers are now shifting towards mobility devices and applications from fixed products. Apple’s iCloud, Google’s Drive, Dropbox etc. are some of the best examples which show that cloud-based solutions are in demand in the market. Through cloud servers one can store numerous amounts of data on the server and can fetch it easily and instantly. This has helped a lot in getting information faster and smoother.

Overall, M-entertainment will become more significant portion of people’s lives and is likely to become a central theme in the coming years. The number of apps downloaded in India are expected to grow from 1.56 billion to 9 billion by 2015. This shows how one can rely on the next level of entertainment.

By Rohan Pal

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