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The Mystery: Modi-Jaitley Closeness

Updated: October 8, 2015 6:30 am

For many, it is an enigma. But one of the BJP commentators has written that at least three Bharatiya Janata Party leaders said laughingly that this is an unsolved mystery. “When I asked when Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, then in two days, before the oath taking, if Arun Jaitley placed the whole Cabinet’s blueprint before him, did not the Prime Minister see it carefully, the BJP leaders smiled and said if only this secret could get known…. But one thing these leaders said was that Arun Jaitley was very intelligent, discerning, a clever asset for the party, but he is not an economist.” The interesting thing is that senior party leaders added that Arun Jaitley was a master in whispering and hidden politics.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs a Finance Minister who can sense or anticipate the coming times and can make the country stand in front of the world, rather than make obvious to the world the weakness of the country.” These leaders say that the dollar is going to surpass 65 rupees and touch 66 rupees and if it reaches 67-68 rupees, then not only the country’s but the whole world’s faith in India’s economy will evaporate.

“Nobody in the party assumes that Narendra Modi does not understand all these things, but this question of why he (Modi) is making no attempt at improvement agitates party people.This is a question to which the answer can be given only by the Prime Minister himself or by God.” This commentator added, “I did not see any leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party speaking against Arun Jaitley. They are all aware of Arun Jaitley’s efficiency. He has the power to speak and to analyse arguments and he can stand up well to the Congress. However, they certainly have objections and reservations on Jaitley’s style of functioning. Arun Jaitley is sensible. Maybe, he is not getting information about the discussions going on within the party.” This commentator has been frugal about merits of Jaitley. He is irreplaceable, for he is multi-talented and almost a warrior whose defence of the party and the government is impossible to penetrate.

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