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The Man Of Steel

Updated: August 21, 2010 10:44 am

Entrepreneurship is an art or a skill to lead an endeavour or an enterprise. An entrepreneur is a person who has a vision, an ambition to initiate a new venture by accepting risks. Entrepreneurs need to search purposefully for the sources of innovation, the changes and their symptoms that indicate opportunities for successful innovation. And they need to know and to apply the principles of successful innovation. In fact, high-achiever entrepreneurs spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately. And following these principles to make his dreams come true is the mantra of Mr JP Agarwal.

                Highly confident, disciplined and determined Mr Agarwal is the Chairman and Managing Director of Surya Roshni Ltd, a brand leader in both steel pipes and lighting industries. With his sheer dynamic approaches, the Surya Roshni Ltd scaled new heights. No wonder, the ever-developing organisation has today emerged as a vast conglomerate with a large marketing network spread all over India. Divulging the secret for making the impossible task possible by his sheer grit and determination, he said, “For guiding10,000 people working under me and directing the company, which is the largest GIP pipe-manufacturing company and the second-largest lighting company, first I have to be an active man. And then I have to plan my schedule rationally blending with some necessities of life including the seven-hour sleep, which gives me maximum efficiency during the whole day.” He also follows a strict diet as directed by Baba Ramdev and enjoys the spiritual talks in the morning.

                Mr Agarwal lays equal emphasis on the family life. So he takes his breakfast with his better half along with his personal secretary. He visits the local ISKCON temple near his residence regularly for one hour meditation and that is a must for him to ease out stress. Mr Agarwal candidly admitted about his better half’s role as a perfect partner and a great source of inspiration. Every minute of his schedule is properly planned in advance. “I always try to utilise my travelling time for one minute motivational call to my employers. And I prefer to work with persons who come to me with solutions instead of problems,” he says.

                Success of a company depends on the efficiency of its human resources. So the mentor of Surya Group always praises the efficiency of his band of well-trained young professionals who are well-picked from the IITs and IIMs. He explains, “Young people with fresh minds from IITs and IIMs are recruited for our organisation. One would be glad to see a mini-Bharat in Surya Group, where the Indian culture and the ideals of Swami Vivekananda are proudly emulated.” Earlier it was not encouraged, but now the women too are getting good opportunities to prove their skills in Surya Group. Mr Agarwal reasons: “When Smt Pratibha Patil is our President, why shouldn’t Surya Group follow her to strengthen women empowerment?”

                Mr Agarwal, a champion in pipe industry and has industries in many states of the country, showered praises on the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his development agenda for the common man. Sharing his experience during his business tours to different states, he said: “People ask me whether Mr Modi can be their Chief Minister. I mean, there is a strong feeling among the public about the great vision of Narendra Modi for a strong Bharat.” He opines that Narendra Modi is one of the best Chief Ministers of India. But Mr Agrawal was reluctant to give any comment on the performances of any of the PMs, whether it be Atal Behari Vajpayee or Dr Manmohan Singh during the NDA and UPA regimes respectively.

                Praising Mr Modi for his persistent growth agenda for Gujarat, Mr Agarwal says: “Enormous efforts have been made in different sectors from agriculture to industrialisation, even in electricity, high per capita income, law and order, which are commendable under the stewardship of Mr Modi in Gujarat. Even in the rigorous summer season, the Gujarat government seems busy roaming around the state to make people aware of the need of education and providing various ways for children. I talked with different personalities and inferred that they want Mr Narendra Modi as their state leader, and if possible, make him the Prime Minister of India.”

                Mr JP Agarwal also runs Surya Foundation, an NGO established by him with a view to instilling a greater sense of national consciousness and social awareness into our countryman, particularly the youth. Informing about the Foundation, he says: “The motto of the Surya Foundation is ‘Catch them young’, as today’s child is tomorrow’s Bharat! Therefore, we target young people in their formative age. Surya Foundation conducts over 1200 personality development camps each year in various parts of the country benefitting about 2500 youths. They have given patriotic and disciplined training like military work.”

                Villages in India are still in dire needs even after sixty-three years of Independence. Commenting on this aspect, he said, “The path of development passes through our villages. So we conceived the ‘Ideal Village Concept’, which focusses on overall development of villages. Village youth, including children are the catalyst of the project. Bal Vikas Kendras and the coaching centers have been established in the villages for children specially.”

                “India, as a country has large youth population. Even as youth are considered to be a strong foundation of a nation, we are unable to utilise them efficiently and are lagging behind in different areas. India has a large youth population, but what type of values and cultures are being imparted to them? Out of 365 days, they are trained to work only for 90 days; rest comes in the form of off days and bunks. Simply put, they are excelled in how not to work. Being youngsters, they can easily work around twelve hours a day. But we all are responsible for this situation, including even me,” laments Mr Agarwal. He, however, suggests emphatically, “Let us dedicate ourselves to the cause of our motherland, i.e. Bharat. Nation comes first and all our comforts and selfishness come later.”

                Advocating unbiased leadership skills combined with patriotic ones, he has an ambition to accomplish in his life. “Mission of my life is to have India in top 10 countries within next 10 years. Whatever obstacles come to reach this goal should be ignored. Another thing is that I want to create a communication channel among youths to make India a happy place to live in,” he avers. Adding that he finds great pleasure in serving others and make others feel happy, he reveals his happiest day, “The closing day that is on 15th day of camp, when I see happy faces of youth I feel myself happy and satisfied. And that day is the happiest day of my life.”

By Sonia Chawla

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