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The Islamic Hindustan!

Updated: November 15, 2014 10:53 am

SATIRICUS is dense and / or dumb. Satiricus is a dunce, a dolt and / or a dimwit. Satiricus admits all that; still does that give a Supreme Court judge (even if retired) the right to cause confusion worse confounded in Satiricus’s so-called brain? Look, for instance, at what Justice Katju said the other day while addressing a gathering of women journalists. He said: “The Muslim personal law is barbaric, backward and unjust….I support the uniform civil code.” How crassly communal! How abominably anti-secular! Look, on the other hand, at what Owaisi, the embodiment of Indian secularism, has righteously asked: “If I tweeted that Indian identity is Islam, what would happen?” Satiricus knows what would happily happen. If all persons in India came under Muslim personal law, India would become the happy homeland of blessed Bharatiya barbarians.

But beware, there’s danger ahead. As Owaisi fears, this country is “soon becoming a Hindu Rashtra”. Terrible, terrible! And if Justice Katju is saying in so many words that this country was already a civilised nation called Hindustan before Muslim barbarians came, he deserves to be dragged to court. Culprit Katju could then be charged with committing the crime of preaching hateful Hindu history that never (should have) happened. On the other hand, ask any secular historian, like, for instance the previous Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, and he would tell you, as he once already told, that civilisation came to India when Muslims came. Or open any Pakistani text book on history and you will learn that there never was a Hindustan as such, but there has been a Pakistan for 1400 years since Mohammed bin Kasim came here to found it. Agreeing with bin Kasim Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had said the history of India is the history of Islam. And agreeing with Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi

Prime Minister Manmohan had officially declared that in Islamically secular India all Indians were equal but 12 per cent Muslim Indians were more equal than 85 per cent Hindu Indians. So there, Justice Katju, don’t you agree justice will be served if you are prosecuted for being a heinous Hindu barbarian?

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