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The God Of Small Things

Updated: May 19, 2012 4:26 pm

Embracing Guru’s (spiritual mentor) gyan (knowledge) is a different thought altogether; mere qualification is like a drop in an ocean. If you begin to look around you, there is so much to learn and to top it all, a big mystery. Every thing around us happening is purely honest and truthful. The world around us, precisely the ecosystem, besides animals and plants there are other living being unknown to us. All are trying to survive and in this race we humans stand supreme.

There is a processing system on, unrested. We all know small insects are eaten by large ones and they too are eaten by a much larger ones and so on. The jurisdiction of nature is beyond and it has its own law. Trying to break this law would invite rhythm less pattern of life. An in-depth study of nature inculcates thoughts in a mystical manner.

We are aware of the great contribution the ocean does. Beneath it there are constant eruptions and continues expulsions of lava, that in turn would create a new land, the heat generated is enormous it is because of the ocean the situation is under control. The earth plate shifts for which we experience earthquake followed by tsunami like the one we had in 2004, under the plates the degenerated part disintrigates and then it erupts through a volcano. The ocean’s another major contribution is controlling of the temperature.

Forests too have a great participation in this big system. They serve as habitat, for variety of organisms ranging from microbes to animals including forest-dwellers. Various forms of organisms born spend life and die in forests. Forests fulfil their all needs without any bias. They provide them shelter in/on/around trees despite the fact that, as in certain peculiar cases, they may endanger their own survival, like a small termite which eat trees, or a giant elephant which enjoys in uprooting trees,etc. Thus, this is the big heart of forests and the mother earth. Forests are often referred to as the planet’s lungs, acting as huge carbon sinks that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow and trap large amounts within their biomass and surrounding soil. There are numerous such examples, I have just mentioned a few.

The ‘balanced’ state of mind is a perfect state. We practise meditation and all kind of rituals to be free from troubled situation vis a vis to develop ourselves. If one understands happiness, it has naturally been in a balanced state. Unknowingly we do all kind of circus to be happy. A perfect balanced person rides the saddle of success. Look at our solar system, most of the planets are dead or presuming possible existence of life but our mother earth is living. Why? Because it is positioned in a perfect state of balanced orbit.

I always assumed that as we consider electron, protons as super miniscule they too orbit around nuclease, like our system, then to some one unknown this solar system could be like it. Known to all of us the astronomers’ say, like our solar system there are many more such systems existing. Through the milky way the stars are born and again in course of time they undergo self-destruction, Stefan Hawkins’ black hole theory is the classic example. Look at the comets which keep visiting time after time. A continues turmoil is on, spontaneous and unprompted. Seriously, who is responsible for this jugglery?

If we begin to train our thoughts towards this vastness of the system, then one would realise the futile effort of ours to build castles in the air, arguing over trivial issues, which is purely waste. Once we realise, there would be a change of thought. Remaining part would be pure love, which would prevail then.

Tolerance is another godly thing; our planet earth is the ultimate and a classic example for this. At the surface level it may look very petty, but if you think in philosophically it gathers lot of mileage. Similarly a plant grows and flowers, the flower dries into a seed, falls on the ground and a new life is born. This process is on throughout.

How ever small it may look, godliness exists even in the smallest of the small.

By Siddhartha Bose

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