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The Expensive Beast: Mac Pro 2019

By Mukund Sharma
Updated: July 20, 2019 12:24 pm

Recently, WWDC (World wide developer conference) took place from 3rd June to 8th June and this time apple came with quite few but interesting announcements and one of those is the new Mac Pro 2019. The specifications are just mind-blowing but the brand value of Apple took the price very high. Apple completely changed the game with all new design, charged up specifications in comparison to the last generation that was released in 2013, it had an Intel Xeon E5 Chipset and was also very impressive in 2013. Mac pros are also called Apple’s Workstation because of its performance, it can handle everything you throw at it with ease be it rendering, processing, gaming or any power intensive task. The specifications of Mac pro 2019 varies from price-to-price, the cheapest version is said to be at $5,999 and if converted to INR it is around Rs.4, 15,000. It has a 8 core Intel Xeon W clocked at 3.5 GHz and it supports 32GB ECC Memory. Even at this entry level it is a very good option as Intel Xeon could handle anything you throw at it with ease. There are total 5 version of the new Mac pro-:

Apple is claiming that the new Mac Pro can render Autodesk Maya 4.1x faster than its predecessor and there is no doubt on the performance of the Mac Pro. The AMD Radeon Pro Vega II is the world’s fastest GPU which supports 32GB high bandwidth memory which can run up to the speed of 1TB/s and it has 2 Vega II GPU’s of 64GB Memory.


The all new Mac Pro comes with all new design with aluminium housing and stainless steel frame it looks very premium and has a tri-circle design. On the back and front you can see a 3-D kind of Tri-Circular design which is very unique in its own way and can attract a huge amount of consumers. It is also very essential for the air flow and to cool down the powerful Intel Xeon inside. For movement of the whole apple powerhouse the company has also gone with 360 access wheel on the bottom of the body. On the back side there is all the ports for external connections.


Should you buy it?

The Mac Pro 2019 is for a different set of consumers which use their computer for power intensive tasks. It is apple’s latest powerhouse and can run any task very easily but keeping the price point in mind, not all the people will be interested in buying it. It you are a professional or you can afford the price tag of $5999 then surely you should go with all new Mac Pro. But surely it is a very interesting gadget that we have seen from apple and it is to be released around Mid-September. It will be very interesting to see that what price tag apple will choose for the highest variant with 28 cores Xeon.


By Mukund Sharma

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