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The Dancing Diva

Updated: March 6, 2018 11:44 am

The sound of payal is silenced. The woman who was emotionally involved with her make-up is silent. The entire country is shocked that the dancing queen of yesteryears in Bollywood is no more to entertain the audience. The first woman super star of Hindi cinema was always jolly, smiling, romantic, serious and what not. She was the happiest actress when she was in front of the camera. But in real life, “She was living in a cage,” says Ramgopal Verma. She remained in the film industry for a long tenure with an illustrious career. The entire media and social media is replete with gossips about her mysterious death. But it is a fact that Sridevi, the dancing diva of Bollywood, was a genius with an inspiring career for others to follow. She never lost hope even after facing lots of ups and down in her private life. For Sridevi, her life was film and film was her life. She lived and died for the cause of cinema and her name will be written in golden letters. Sridevi is one among them who had a glorious career in Bollywood but also allegedly lived a disturbed private life.

Sridevi was an excellent artist and good entertainer. She started her film career as a child artist in 1969, the same year Amitabh Bachchan also initiated his film innings in Saat Hindustani. But that early start did not prevent her from doing 300 movies within a career running into five decades. Besides the large number of movies, she will be remembered for the diversity of roles she portrayed in different movies. From Sivaji Ganesan to Nawazuddin Siddiqui, she acted with several generations of heroes and was that actress who starred as the lead with a real-life father and son, Dharmendra and Sunny Deol. Since she started her film career at the age of four years, she lost her childhood. She portrayed her first adult role at the age of 13 against Kamal Haasan and Rajnikanth in K Balachander’s Moondru Mudichu, Besides Balachander, she also worked with other great names such as Bharathiraja and Balu Mahendra. When she worked in such Hindi films as Solva Sawan and Sadma, Bollywood was compelled to take note of her. It is widely believed that her works in the south is more original than her glamorous performances in Hindi cinema. No other actress has dominated both Tamil and Hindi movies. Sridevi was an awesome actress, who took care of her family from childhood. Her happiness from her marriage to Boney Kapoor was visible in her face. Through time, every marriage has trials and tribulations. We do not know what went on in their lives. Hopefully, they were happy. It is sad that she passed on before her daughter’s debut launch at the movies. And the two girls, Jahnvi and Khushi have to deal with life without their mom.

It is a great shock to her fans all over the world. But her demise raises some posers. 1. Why didn’t her husband  Boney Kapoor call for hotel/medical help, instead of breaking the bathroom door open? 2. One can guess Boney was the only person present in their hotel room with dead (!) Sridevi! 3. Did the hotel manager call the ambulance or did Boney call the ambulance? 4. Was the first aid by paramedics given to unconscious Sridevi at the hotel room or inside the bath tub? 5. Who removed the unconscious body of Sridevi from the bath tub for paramedics? 6. Did Sridevi consume any drink (beverage) or alcohol before heading to the shower? 7. Why the blood report details are not revealed by the Health Ministry of UAE? 8. Did Boney or hotel call police before unconscious Sridevi was removed from the hotel to hospital? 9. Who is Boney Kapoor’s that friend whom he called? 10. Who filled the bathtub completely with water? 11. When she had taken only small amount of alcohol, then how come she fainted? 12. Why everything happened in Dubai only? Because, it was easy for the culprit to do crime and run away. 13. Why everything happened after the marriage? Maybe because it was planned that way. 14.  If Sridevi was drunk why did her husband insist they go out for dinner as he should have known the circumstances and told her to take rest?  It is shocking that the UAE Health Ministry describes Sridevi’s death as death due to drowning!  If Sridevi is the people’s star, if she is being given a grand public funeral with a viewing for the and by the public, then the public has the right to ask questions. This death stinks like the Sunanda’s in a Delhi hotel room in 2014, who was also found dead in the bath tub. That time also report said: Accidental drowning. The gun is smoking. Like dead Sunanda, Sridevi was rich too. From the first report of sudden cardiac arrest to accidental drowning by UAE Health Ministry, it does not smell right. Let the skeletons be brought out by proper investigation.

By Deepak Kumar Rath


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