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The Crossings And Barriers OF BJP

Updated: April 18, 2015 3:16 pm

The ruling party BJP in its brain storming session in Bengaluru has gathered thoughts of the party cadres: How to keep best coordination between the organisation and the government. After formation of the Modi government the party cadres felt neglected under Amit Shah-style of functioning. The so-called Margdarshakmandal of the BJP, which comprises old-guards, is also in a pensive mood in the neo-organisational style of the BJP. One hopes for a positive change from the ruling party, at least for the sake of the development of the nation, as the Congress is totally in a sleeping mode. Changes are always welcome but not at the cost of party’s ideological commitments, its rich culture and committed cadres. The BJP is struck between the horns of the dilemma. The right wing pro-Hindutva party, that is proud of its inherent ideology of nationalism, which is attuned towards basic tenets of Hinduism, is now finding it difficult to sustain. The concept of Raj Dharma, as advocated by Atalji, is now the biggest pain in the neck for Modi. The loose cannons shot by some union ministers, senior party men, and even state chief ministers have been a bone of contention for the PM and his merry men. While Modi is trying hard to cultivate an international statesman image, the sporadic outbursts of his colleagues, the resultant outcry, and the feeble pitch in which the party points men try to defend the indefensible are a reflection of the sword of Damocles that hangs thinly above his head.

The party has been desperately trying to turn a new leaf by soft-peddling all the pre-poll promises of Ram Rajya. Senior party men and old timers have restrained themselves from speaking anything inflammatory. But old habits die hard. Many of the present-day leaders are from the old school of the RSS, and they simply refuse to fall in line. They have and are repeatedly embarrassing Modi and the government, by their outbursts. The government and the party on their part take the lame duck approach of disowning and at times condemning the statements, but then the damage is already done. The whole concept of Modi’s all-inclusive catchword, Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas falls flat.

There are many jokers in the pack. Most of them just amuse the public but a few also shock and horrify us with their comments. While some are new to making bizarre claims, the others are repeat offenders. The party has to reckon with the likes of Subramanian Swamy, Giriraj Singh, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Yogi Adityanath, and at time seven state chief ministers.

Accept it or not, Swamy is now a part of BJP, even though he is a single man army, firing salvoes and dropping bombshells here and there. He has his maverick style, and crosses the thin border of realpolitik. Giriraj Singh is the next big mouth of the lot. His declaration of non-BJP supporters being Pakistani supporters has not been forgotten. He has caused the BJP the maximum negative publicity since it came to power. His latest outburst smacks of the pettiness and crass ignorance. His latest dirty diatribe against Sonia Gandhi was racist, sexist and vulgar. So much so, even the Nigerian High Commissioner took umbrage and lodged a complaint. Modi’s foreign hopping jaunts for putting India on the global map have been severely dented.

Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti cast aspirations of the very parentages of the non-BJP voters. She used expletives in a public meeting. The Ramzadon versus Haramzadon speech will go down as a benchmark of the new low seen in Indian politics. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s gag orders do not seem to be working. In spite of the lean and thin administration with fewer ministers, several of them holding multiple portfolios, resulting in fewer public addresses, the opposite seems to be happening. In the age of 24×7 news television and online media, the press is just waiting to grasp anything sensational which comes out of the mouths of the ministers.

Weary is the head that wears the crown. It’s high time Modi cracked the whip on these habitual offenders. They are the serial killers, who can on their own derail the ambitious plans of the NDA. These fringe elements have to be restrained. Dropping a couple of them will send the message loud and clear. By not taking any strict steps against these history-sheeters, the impression is that they have the tacit support of Modi. This does not bide well with the image that he is cultivating for himself and the nation.

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