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The connubial connection!

Updated: January 9, 2010 4:00 pm

This is a story of a lady police officer who gave three statements regarding the same incident before the same commission but suddenly the third and final statement was contrary to the earlier two statements! This is not a figment of imagination but a real story. Ms Anju Gupta, a police officer, was deputed to Mr LK Advani, the chairman of BJP Parliamentary Party, when he was heading towards Ayodhya in December 1992. On December 6, when the disputed Babri structure crumbled, she was escorting Mr Advani. During the Liberhan Commission’s investigation, she was summoned and asked to narrate the situation on December 6, 1992, when Mr Advani along with other Ramjanmabhoomi movement leaders was present in Ayodhya. She was specifically asked about Mr Advani’s role. She told the Commission that Mr Advani was trying his best to prevent the karsevaks from destructing the structure. She confirmed this in her two statements. But when she appeared the third time before the Commission, her version was changed! When political observers tried to find out the reason behind this volta-face, they found that she got married to a colleague who belongs to Muslim community. And this officer is now an OSD to a powerful minister at Centre!

Law-makers or law-breakers?

There is a law for elected Members to Parliament to declare their assets and liabilities within 90 days of their becoming MP. More than 180 days has passed but some MPs still have not divulged their assets and liabilities! Yet no action has been taken against these faulted MPs! Is law not applicable to these MPs? According to rules in terms of provisions of Section 75A (1) of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, read with Rule 3 of the Members of Lok Sabha (Declaration of Assets & Liabilities) Rules, 2004, every member of the Lok Sabha is required to furnish information regarding her/his assets and liabilities as in Form I, appended to the said Rules within 90 days from the date of taking the oath or affirmation for taking her/his seat. Recently, on December 11, the Lok Sabha Secretariat, in its circular No. 918, requested the members to fulfil this legal formality. According to sources, one of the most ‘important’ persons belonging to ‘first family’ has not furnished the information. Maybe busy somewhere or wittingly or unwittingly–the reason is yet not clear. Despite many attempts, no information was available about the faulty MPs. Previously, Lok Sabha circular used to publicise the names of the faulty MPs but nowadays this practice has been stopped. The questions arise: Why has no action been taken against the ‘law-breakers’? Are they above any law? Or, will law take it own course?

Realty reality

There is an old story that once a person was found guilty and was asked on humanitarian ground, what sentence should be given to him. There was a choice in two types of punishments—either 100 lashes or eat 100 pieces of onion. The accused person thought eating onion would be much easier, so he opted to eat the onion. When he started eating, after some onion it became difficult for him, so he opted for lashes. In this process he got double punishment! This is the same case with the central government’s Telangana policy. Earlier the government declared that the new Telangana state would be granted but now the latest declaration has come that after consultation the decision would be taken. The reason behind the Central government’s U-turn is the ‘pressure’ of powerful, crorepatis politicians belonging to Congress party. They have much stake in realty business in and around Hyderabad. It is openly discussed in Andhra Pradesh that these crorepatis can do anything! Is this the real reason or anything else?

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