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The Blissful Combination Triphala

Updated: May 12, 2012 5:25 pm

Triphala is the combination of three most valuable fruits found in India and is one of the most popular herbal preparations in the world. They are harad (haritaki), amla (amalaki) and bihara (bibhitaki). These fruits are dried after removing the seeds and are powdered and stored. This is one of the most beneficial herbal mix given by Ayurveda thousands of years ago. It has the answers to all the ailments.

All those who want to maintain good health must start taking Triphala daily.Triphala is available over the counter in the form of powder and tablets. It can even be prepared at home. It has pungent, bitter and sour taste.

For centuries people of India have been using Triphala to promote health, immunity and longtivity.

Let us know how it is useful for the different parts of our body

For Hair: Take triphala powder, mango flowers (powder) and arjuna tree bark (powder) in equal amounts and add this to double the amount of til (sesame) oil and boil. After cooling sieve this oil and store in a bottle. Use this oil daily for black and thick hair.

Take triphala powder (harad 50g, amla 50g and bihara 50g) and jaggery (gur) 75g and pound it to mix well. Now store this in a bottle, store in a bottle and take 10g daily. This will not only protect you from heart attack and high blood pressure but also keep your eyes, teeth and hair strong and in good condition. You can even make small (Neem fruit size) balls, dry in shade and take 1 ball per day.


Head problems: Take 100g each of harad, amla and bihara, roast them and make powder along with 300g of sugar candy and store in a bottle. Take 10g daily morning and evening to get rid of about 100 types of head problems.

Natural laxative and colon cleanser

■    Triphala is one of basic herbal tonics prescribed by almost all the Ayurvedic doctors for clearing constipation. Take one spoon triphala powder with a glass of warm water before going to bed to get relief from constipation.

■    Take harad big and small, 100g each roasted and powered, add 200g of sugar candy powder to the powder and mix well. Daily take one spoon of the mixture with a glass of water before going to bed to get free bowel movement and relief from constipation.


For eyes: Take a glass of water and mix a spoonful of triphala powder, cover it and leave it overnight. Next morning filter the water and wash your eyes. Do this regularly for a long lasting and cooling effect. It will also strengthen the muscles of the eye and improves vision.


Jaundice: Add honey to one spoon (10g) of triphala ras and take two times a day. This will protect you from jaundice.


Frequent urination: Mix ½ spoon of triphala in ¼ glass of water and have it at night. It will help reduce sugar content and reduce excess urination.


Decentry: Take triphala and katha (used in pan) in equal proportions, and mix ½ spoon of mixture in buttermilk and take it two times a day to get relief from bleeding motions, loose motions and gum motions etc.


Stomach problems: It is said if the stomach is healthy, the body and mind would also be healthy. It is the best medicine to fight against all the stomach related problems. Triphala is most effective in cleansing and detoxifying the system. It is helpful in reducing abdominal pain, bloating and serves as laxative to ease constipation.


Fits: ½ spoon triphala taken along with one spoon of honey, provides relieves from fits.


Cough: Take triphala, sonth, pippal and black pepper in equal proportion, roast and powder it. Take ½ spoon with honey twice daily.

Weight loss: Triphala is even useful in removing fat from the body. It corrects the liver metabolism and helps the body remove the fat deposits.


Serum Cholesterol: Triphala has the ability to reduce the serum cholesterol and high blood pressure. People who have been using it down the ages have demonstrated that triphala is an effective blood purifier that stimulates bile secretion as it detoxifies the liver and it also protects against cardio vascular diseases.

On a regular basis, you may have this powder about 3g or one tablet with luke warm water and enjoy a disease free life.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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