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The Bliss Of Social Networking Sites

Updated: July 23, 2011 5:30 pm

With the growing technology and strengthening media, the world seems to shrink within the power of communication circumventing it. Networking sites have become inevitable in professional beats as well. Public figures began to bridge with the audience through their posts online and many of them intensified certain controversies too. This initiated a new trend of building an alternative communication with the active public, specifically. Interestingly, organisations like Delhi Police and Delhi Traffic Police have begun to follow the footprints and this time for a cause.

This is bliss for those who have been silent witness to all the irregularity and had no access or approach to reap anything out of it. Empowering them, DTP has launched online campaign on Facebook in regard with the day-to-day problems and illegal activities testified by the general public.

The facile way with which one can complain and inform in uncluttered language and single line has made it easy as a pie. The no sweat process seems to have raised a fiery response. Engrossing, when one posts about excess of traffic in an area on a webpage, and expecting nothing he goes to sleep.

            It does become motivating when the issue is treated within 24 hours and you see an encouraging reply the next day. Youngsters who remain online 24 hours a day are not only participative enough but also have curiosity to adopt unconventional methods and the campaign offers the desired contentment.

They are living eyes of departments spread in a million number across the state. Expectedly, performing well and functioning as required. The trend is spreading like a forest fire and regional police services, governmental organisations, public service departments, heads and workers are stepping into it for different purpose and cause.

Using old methods to generate awareness among the new generation is similar to digging for water in a hot desert. This reform might serve the purpose at least in metro cities where no hand is seen without a cell phone and no cell phone without networking applications in it. Nurturing the zeal in this generation is not a tough job and the enthusiasm to make things work out well appears to be on its zenith.

Who would have thought that Facebook, Twitter, Orkut would be harvested in such innovative manners. The efforts taken by the initiators need applause. Certainly, out-of- the- box thinking is rare and rarest are those who acknowledge that but the boost that these people have got for their credible work will stand inspiring for a long time ahead. Technology has not only made things easier as it said but also fun. It is productive for different people in different ways. Moreover, it is always good to see that brains are extracting the best out of it.

By Shivani Swaroop

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