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The Art of Smiling

Updated: August 28, 2010 11:46 am

You need no words, no extra thoughts, explanations, or justifications to smile. A smile, says a lot, without any clarification or vindication. You do not need words, or any serious thinking, to smile. A simple smile, says a lot. It has the power to change, at least the world around you too. Often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear and honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to make or mark a life.

                By wearing smiles, we can have friends, and by wearing a scowl, we only add wrinkles. We should always, wear a smile, because we do not know, as to, who is falling in love with our smiles. A smiling face is always beautiful. No matter how grouchy you might be feeling, a smile will change your mood. Smile is infectious as a smile begets a smile.

                People rarely notice, what you are wearing, as long as you have a big smile on your face. We have seen how dogs make human friends. Their method of smiling is waging their tail and falling over you. Even otherwise, your view of the world, changes with a smile. You should frown only, when no smiles are available in the world.

                It is the most inexpensive way to make you likeable and loved. The language of smile is universal. We should not only smile with our lips, but also with our eyes. A smile is simple but a powerful weapon, to draw people to you.

                The truth is that we all want to be around happy, cheerful and smiling people. I had known a Doctor, in Jalalabad, as a student, who was universally liked. His secret was a broad confident smile, which conveyed message to everybody who came in contact with him that he was in safe and friendly hands. There were many other doctors in the hospital. But people waited, for hours, for their turn to see him only, because of his cheerful manners and a welcoming smile. People looked forward to greet and meet him, whether in the hospital or in the streets or in the market, because of his optimistic and positive approach and outlook. His smile put people at ease and made them feel good about themselves.

                If you cannot always give a gift, at least give a smile. Instead of, ignoring even strangers, give them a smile. I always find that shopping with a friendly shopkeeper is a greater pleasure than just going and picking up goods and paying at the unfriendly and impersonal counters.

                Instead of giving alms to beggars, I prefer to purchase some eatable for them. The reward for me is their big broad smile, as some of them do not know how to express thanks. The smile is their way of acknowledgement of the good deed done to them. We should be liberal in giving our smiles which do not cost us anything. By smiling fully and not half heartedly, we make other’s day. I am frequently invited to a TV channel, where a particular artist, is always smiling and jumping in the air. One day, I did not find her. As I did not know her name, I asked another artist, as to where is my smiling and dancing friend. She came out smilingly from another room and said: “ Here I am Sir.”

                To conceal my embarrassment, on not even knowing her name, I gave her a hug and a big smile, saying: “You make my day, when I see You, bright, cheerful and ever smiling.” I got a huge hug, kiss and a broad smile, at my comments. It is always good quality to add to the catalogue of our friend, by smile. In the routine and hurry of our work to attain our targets, we often forget many things, including our smiles. Challenge yourself, to practice beaming with smile at your work, meetings and discussions. Your smile should give impression, that you are happy to see others. When meeting people, try to discover as to on what point or for what qualities, you can compliment people. Even a small but a genuine compliment can lift people’s spirit, leading to a better performance and output. List the things which make you smile. I feel amused and smile, when I read a good joke book, or a novel by PG Wodehouse. I keep a few books by my bed side and make it point to peruse them, before sleeping. Funny, and hilarious movies also make me pleased, especially those who having a battle of wits or full of songs of joy and happiness. Apart from this, I always prefer the company of smiling, joyous and happy people. It is a fact that you cannot be both angry and smiling at the same time.

                Remember that the language of the smile is universal. Do not reserve your smile only for the people better placed or superior to you, in life or in hierarchy. Be generous with it at every opportunity and every occasion to every body.

By Joginder Singh

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