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The Anti-Modi Elements Surface During Delhi Poll

Updated: February 21, 2015 4:45 am

The momentum for Arvind Kejriwal was kept at its pitch throughout the campaigning. The known anti-Modi TV Channels repeatedly showed Kejriwal with crowds. He was also shown being interviewed by biggie Editors like Pronnoy Roy and Shekhar Gupta. The anxiety and urgency of such powerful groups is because Delhi is their last bastion. If BJP wins here they would have no chance of making a comeback. This is why everything possible has been done to whip up sentiment for Kejriwal. A BJP defeat would halt the victory march ever since the 2014 election and various wins in states. Modi too will get a jolt. It will not affect his tenure as prime minister but he may be forced to redraw his plans to achieve people’s trust. It is also to be seen how long Kejriwal would be able to control his DNA of rebellion.

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