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Thackrey’s Quixotic Actions

Updated: November 29, 2014 7:00 am

In the political wrangling with the BJP over joining the government in Maharashtra, Udhav Thackrey did not distinguish himself very well. His first statement that if a chaiwala can become Prime Minister, why can’t he become Deputy Chief Minister did not endear him with the BJP’s Top Brass. Then his show of pique, like initially refusing to attend the swearing –in- ceremony, and then finally agreeing to attend, exposed his political naiveté. His ego and over-estimation of his political prowess has been his undoing. The threat that he would sit in the opposition and the announcement that he would be putting up his candidate for Speaker’s post at a Press Conference failed to frighten BJP into making overtures to him. Ultimately, he withdrew his candidate. The speculation that Independents and MLAs of smaller parties would vote for the BJP and the statement of Pawar’s NCP that it would vote in favour of the BJP must have strained every bit of Thackrey’s will to fight. An out-manoeuvred Udhav called NCP rats triggering war of words. The brinkmanship that lasted until the voting on confidence motion was to start. One wonders what Thackrey could have done if the rumblings within the Shiv Sena over remaining bereft of power simply because of differences over Dy. Chief Minister persisted, and became a reality. The Party has been out of power for 15 years, the prospect of another five could be too much for most Sena members. Samajh Gaye?

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