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Tension in Bihar

Updated: June 2, 2016 3:38 pm

It was inevitable. Two highly ambitious leaders with divergent views and not exactly friends cannot keep up the charade of amiability.

The RJD leaders have been publicly critical of Nitish Kumar travelling to various States to shore up support for him to lead a grand alliance. This will mean Nitish being pitted by a joint opposition against Narendra Modi that is for the PM gaddi.

Lalu Yadav may not oppose this but he won’t stop his men from criticising Nitish for neglecting his own State. It is possible that like all avaricious people, he might end up losing out both…the good tag of good administrator which he has earned in Bihar, and of leading a grand alliance, because one doubts if Mulayam Singh, Mamata or Jayalalitha would join an alliance to make Nitish prime minister.

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