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Teaching The Teacher

Updated: February 28, 2015 11:20 am

Education today is under critical scanner. Teacher education, in particular, is now untiringly exploring new horizons in its diverse angles of vision and experimentation. While a vast arena of education and experiences pose multi-dimensional avenues of issues and perspectives in order to arrive at a crucial juncture in eliminating numerous constraints either in theories or in practices whatsoever or howsoever right from early childhood to the higher stages. The problems of continually frustrating outcome in having enriched the quality and splendid excellence are aggravating the whole citadel of education in general and teacher education in particular.

Despite the fact that much has been thought of and done in redefining and reframing the curriculum almost at every stage right from school to higher education, neither the institutions nor the parents and guardians belonging to heterogeneous sections of a pluralistic society in our vast country are at all happy for what is going on in the name of education and teaching. In fact, the twenty-first century expectations and priorities in teacher education are yet to encompass and negotiate some of the crucial issues in teacher education where the role of the teacher is yet to be clarified in terms of the mission, vision, goals and objectives in clear and distinct, pinpointed and easily accessible terms. Moreover, a sudden switchover from one framework to the other in overhauling the entire programme of action without undergoing the evaluation of the earlier one from all important and essential ends-in-view has already presented us with confusions worse confounded by enlarging the domain of undesirable ukase. Meanwhile, quality and excellence in teacher education are posing newer challenges.

Education is a very challenging activity and teacher education is more challenging more so because it is concerned with numerous challenges that necessitate special care and attention, appreciation and evaluation. Right from professional development to setting new agenda for negotiating diverse needs of all associated stakeholders, it is always in quest of quality and excellence from different perspectives in perfect tune with available or likely to be available climate of serenity and poignance.

Teacher Education: New Horizons encompasses some of the recent trends and possibilities, challenges and guidelines in the arena of teacher education where aesthetics, quality enrichment and post-accreditation strategies besides the critical studies on illustrious educational thinkers to advancement of teacher education have been ardently discussed. The book is constant and stimulating companion to anyone interested in exploring new horizons in teacher education.

By Nilabh Krishna


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