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Tea Tree Essential Oil

Updated: May 18, 2018 2:09 pm

Tea tree oil is a volatile essential oil derived from the plant Melaleuca Alternifolia. This plant is native to Australia.  However its amazing health benefits have spread to other parts of the world and now this oil is available internationally.

Tea tree oil contains a number of compounds that kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. These germ fighting properties make tea tree oil a valued natural remedy for treating bacterial and fungal skin conditions, preventing infection and promoting healing.

This oil contains anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.  This oil inhibits fungal growth and cures diseases like dermatitis and athlete’s foot.

Acne treated with tea tree oil found improvement in both total acne count and severity of the acne.  This oil is considered as one of the most effective home remedies for acne.

According to a study the symptoms of athlete’s foot were reduced by topical application of tea tree oil.

Use of tea tree oil can reduce skin irritations. This oil is very effective in suppressing allergic contact dermatitis than other treatments like zinc oxide etc.Wounds treated with this oil have begun to heal and reduce in size, owing to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Tea tree oil is a popular active ingredient in a number of house hold and cosmetic products. Our disinfectant sprays, shampoos, facewash, nail and skin creams all contain tea tree oil. This oil has shown its ability to treat infected chronic wounds. It is seen that tea tree oil helps reduce the inflammation and speed up the white blood cell activity that are instrumental in healing process.
  • It relieves ear ache. Just add a drop of tea tree oil to one tea spoon olive oil.  Put a few drops of this mixture in the ear and tilt your head and remove it. You will find relief from pain. Tea tree oil not only helps our skin, hair and nails but also helps us inmany other ways.
  • Tea tree oil has been shown to kill insects. Upon treating with tea tree oil it is observed that cows had less number of flies than prior to the treatment.
  • A few drops of tea tree oil with same amount of coconut oil can be applied to nails to get rid of nail fungus.
  • this oil can be helpful in reducing dandruff. One can try by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to the shampoo while washing hair. This can significantly reduce itchiness and irritation caused by dandruff.
  • these are a few of the numerous benefits one can obtain from tea tree oil.
  • before using on wounds, itching etc. please consult your physician. Do not take orally for internal infections even in extremely diluted form as it is toxic.

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